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Equity release Consumer Duty resources

To help you to deliver high quality equity release client conversations, we’ve provided the tools and resources below which cover the four Consumer Duty outcomes:

Products and services

Our Lifetime Mortgage product profiles are designed to provide you with the key features of our products, our target market, fair value and distribution strategy. They also include our approach to vulnerable customers alongside a summary of the key considerations we take into account when assessing fair value.

You may also want to refer to our  Product Governance Policy, which forms part of new product development and enhancements, as well as the on-going product management and review processes.

Product profile

To help you make sure that our lifetime mortgage products meet the needs of your clients, we’ve outlined the relevant information in our lifetime mortgages product profiles.

Price and value

All consumers should receive fair value. This means there should be a reasonable relationship between the price paid for a product or service and the overall benefit a consumer receives from it.

Lending limits and fees

Lump Sum

We offer an initial minimum loan of £10,000 for our Lump Sum+ product, and £30,000 for our Lump Sum Lifestyle product. We’ll lend based on the age of the youngest applicant and the maximum percentage of the property’s value.


We offer an initial minimum loan of £10,000 on both of our Drawdown products, and a cash facility based on the age of the youngest applicant and the maximum percentage of the property’s value.

Equity Release Calculators

We’ve created calculators for each of our lifetime mortgage products. They will provide you with the full lending options available, including the maximum available loan for each product variant.

Price and value documents

Key documents you may find useful when assessing price and value for your clients.

Consumer understanding

It’s important that your clients understand our products and services so that they can make an informed decision about how they plan to meet their financial goals.

Key product features

Lump Sum

Our Lump Sum products offer your clients the opportunity to unlock the equity in their home as a lump sum against the value of their home.


Our Drawdown products allow your client to borrow a portion of their property value in the form of an initial loan, with the option to release further withdrawals from the pre-agreed reserve.

Equity Release Council

The Equity Release Council represents the equity release sector and exists to promote high standards of conduct and consumer safeguards. We ensure these high standards and safeguards are built into our lifetime mortgage products.

Consumer understanding documents

Here are some documents you may find helpful when discussing our products with your clients.

Consumer support

We’re committed to supporting your clients’ needs throughout their relationship with us and to making sure they're supported as they pursue their financial objectives.

Helping you support your client


We understand that your support for clients extends beyond their financial needs. That's why we offer two non-contractual services, LV= Doctor Services and Care Navigator, to our customers when they choose a product from our Plus or Lifestyle range.

Doctors services over phone

LV= Doctor Services

Provides access to quality medical services - from remote GP 24/7 access and a second opinion service, right through to support for mental health, it's a convenient and confidential option.

Read more about LV= Doctors services

Hand heart holding

Care Navigator, from MorganAsh

For clients facing the challenge of care – for themselves or loved ones – it can be a daunting experience. Care Navigator provides specialist support and guidance, helping your client navigate the care system.

Read more about Care Navigator

Information to help your client on

  • Contacting us – If your customers need to get in touch, we’re here to help.

  • Marketing preferences – How our customers can let us know about their marketing preferences.

  • Accessibility – We aim to make sure that we’re as accessible as possible.

  • Online security – What we do to keep our customers’ personal and financial details safe and some tips on staying safe online.

Equity Release Portal

Our online portal is the smarter way to do business. Place and manage more of your equity release business efficiently and flexibly – with 24/7 access you can support your clients whenever they need you.
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