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Our range of tools and calculators have been specially developed with you in mind. Set up and build business with our online tools, and create illustrations for your clients in just a few clicks.

Risk Reality Calculator

Our online calculator helps your clients see the true value of financial protection – in no time at all. Simply input four details to instantly get a personalised result.

Protection Matchmaker

Designed to help you discover more about the products and features that could be best suited to your client.

Income Shortfall Calculator

Show your client how much income they’d lose if they can’t work. This highlights the true benefit of Income Protection.

Split Waiting Period Calculator

For clients who don’t have simple sick pay arrangements, our calculator illustrates the level of protection available – based on their current earnings and employer sick pay arrangements.

Online Trusts

Choose the right online trusts form for your client’s policy – just select a few answers to be directed to the online form.

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