Smoothed Investments:


Reducing risk with smoothed funds

Our Smoothed Managed Funds have a track record of performing as they should during difficult market conditions. During the heightened market volatility in early 2020, our funds continued to function normally – with no unexpected price adjustments.

With a range of multi-asset, risk-rated options, our funds have been designed to deliver a low volatile investor experience for your risk-sensitive clients – typically those who are in or nearing retirement.

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Smoothing – offering more stability for anxious investors

Suited to your risk-averse clients, smoothing helps to iron out the highs and lows of the market. The result: a smoothed average fund price.

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Fund management

Our Smoothed Managed Funds are multi-asset and risk-rated to specifically appeal to clients with a ‘very low’ to ‘low-medium’ attitude to investment risk. They are managed to our exacting mandate by Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

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Optional guarantees to reduce risk

Guarantee options, availability and terms differ by product (LV= ISA, LV= Smoothed Pension, Flexible Guarantee Bond and LV= TIP) – all helping to further reduce the risk for your clients.

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Powered for the future: How LV=’s Smoothed Managed Funds are positioned for stability and sustainability 

In this webinar our proposition and investment teams discuss the key to the recent strong performance of our Smoothed Managed Funds and the launch of our Smoothed Pension, now with enhanced smoothing. We were also joined by experts from our partners Columbia Threadneedle Investments to discuss ESG integration and the Threadneedle UK sustainable equity fund.

Please note, we can only offer CPD certificates to attendees of our live webinar sessions at this time.

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LV= Smoothed Pension

Your clients can enjoy an even steadier journey through retirement with our new Smoothed Pension. Now with unit price averaging from day 2 and lower charges.

Smooth investments, delivered through 4 product options


The Smoothed Managed Funds Trustee Investment Plan (LV= TIP) provides access to our smoothed funds as part of your client's SIPP or SSAS.
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Flexible Guarantee Bond

The onshore investment has unique features to shield your clients’ funds from market volatility – offering a secure and tactical investment.
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Our stocks and shares ISA protects your clients’ investments using our unique and transparent smoothing mechanism.
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LV= Smoothed Pension

With a choice of three multi-asset pension funds, your client can grow their money with a reliable, low-volatile investor experience.

Important information

As with any investment, there are some important things you need to know about our Smoothed Managed Fund range:
  • The funds within our Smoothed Managed Fund range are designed to provide steady long-term growth for at least 5 years or longer.

  • Our smoothing process doesn’t prevent investments from dropping in value. Smoothing will not prevent losses in longer term falling markets.

  • Your clients’ investments go down as well as up – they could get back less than invested.

  • In exceptional market conditions (when the underlying price is 80% or less of the averaged/'smoothed' price), the fund will be valued on the underlying price. We also reserve the right to do this at other times.

  • Where a guarantee option is available, your client will need to be aware of the associated terms and charges.

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