Flexible Protection Plan:


Flexible Protection Plan

We put protecting income at the heart of our menu plan, making it easy for you to recommend the LV= Flexible Protection Plan to your clients. 

Our menu plan includes a complete package of products with flexible options, allowing you to tailor the plan to their protection needs.

Overview guide

Find out more about the LV= Flexible Protection Plan, including products, features, value-added services and additional support in our LV= protection quick guide.View our Quick guide to LV= Protection

An overview of our Flexible Protection Plan

Our menu overview video covers the reasons to believe in our menu plan, the products included, tools to help with your menu recommendations and value added benefits.

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Income Protection Solutions

Protecting your client’s income is the foundation of financial resilience. That’s why our award-winning Income Protection Solutions are at the heart of our menu plan.
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Full and Budget Income Protection

LV= Income Protection provides comprehensive cover for families with tailored options for doctors, surgeons, dentists, teachers and renters. 

It also includes a number of special features at no extra cost, including parent and child cover, death benefit, rehab support services, fracture cover and £1,500 benefit guarantee.

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Full and Budget Personal Sick Pay

Personal Sick Pay is our age-costed option aimed specifically at clients in riskier jobs who – like tradespeople, nurses and electricians who can be more expensive to insure, and need tailored cover.

It also offers shorter waiting periods including day 1 and 1 week, making it ideal for those who don’t have sick pay in place and need cover to start paying out sooner.

Critical Illness Cover Options

We offer two options of quality Critical Illness Cover, to protect your client in the event of a life-changing diagnosis.
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Life and Critical Illness Cover

Our more affordable Critical Illness option covers the conditions your client is more likely to claim on, and more. Children’s cover is not included but can be added at an additional cost.

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Life and Enhanced Critical Illness Cover

For extra peace of mind, Life and Enhanced Critical Illness Cover protects against more conditions, includes wider coverage for cancer and standard Children’s Cover at no added cost.

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Enhanced Children’s Cover

With both Critical Illness options your client can choose to take out the cover with Enhanced Children’s Cover at an additional cost. This covers any current and future children from birth to 23 for 95 conditions (including 10 child-specific illnesses). Your client is also covered for 6 pregnancy complications.

Life Insurance

Within our Flexible Protection Plan, you can also protect what matters most to your client through Life Protection and Family Income Benefit. Both products pay out upon death or terminal illness during the term of the policy to support your client’s loved ones.
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Life Protection

Our Life Protection can financially support your client’s family when the unexpected happens. It provides a one-off lump sum payment to your client’s loved ones – helping ease the upfront financial burden.

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Family Income Benefit

Family Income Benefit pays a monthly income and helps your client's family keep up with their day-to-day living costs.

Waiver of Premium

By including Waiver of Premium in your protection recommendation you can protect the premiums of the entire LV= Flexible Protection Plan if your client is unable to work due to illness or injury.

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Flexible cover options

We know that your clients face multiple risks in their lifetime, so they’ll need more than just one protection product to ensure their financial risks are fully protected. We also understand that all your clients are unique, that’s why we include flexible options, allowing you to tailor the plan to their needs and adapt their cover throughout their life.
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Risk Reality Calculator

Our online calculator helps your clients see the true value of financial protection – in no time at all. Simply input some basic details to instantly get a personalised risk report. 

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Protection Matchmaker

Our menu tool is designed to help you discover more about the products and features that could be best suited to the individual needs of your client.

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Everyday emotional and practical support

LV= Doctor Services

We’re here for your clients when they need us most. Your clients and their partner/spouse (providing they live at the same address) will have access to expert medical advice services – all available in a handy app or by phone, wherever they are:
  • Remote GP 24/7

  • Prescription services

  • Second opinion

  • Remote physiotherapy

  • Remote psychological support

  • Discounted health MOT's

  • Your client’s children are also covered, up to age 16, for Remote GP 24/7, Prescription Services and Second Opinion, where your client is the parental guardian.

    For Remote Physiotherapy and Remote Psychological Support your client may be limited to five free sessions a year. This cap is shared between the policyholder and their spouse/partner.

    Find out more about LV= Doctor Services

Contact Phone

Legal Advice Line

When your client or a member of their family needs peace of mind, the Legal Advice Line offers access to confidential legal advice. It can be accessed 24/7, free of charge and with unlimited use.