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Welcome to a preview of our Savings and Retirement Portal

Providing a single dashboard view of all your LV= clients and instant access to client information, our new look portal makes it easier to manage your clients and access key information ahead of annual or ad hoc client reviews. 
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Start using our portal today

Login with your existing LV= credentials

Use the Savings and Retirement Portal to

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View clients

Access our dashboard to view a full list of all your LV= clients, and search and filter by the specific fund they hold, or if they’re invested through a specific DFM or fund house.

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Get an up to date plan/policy valuation

Instant access to an up to date plan/policy valuation, with a full breakdown of the investments held.

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View plan/policy information

See full details of all monies received under the plan/policy, including transfer payments, and money withdrawn.

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Instigate tasks

Initiate drawdown and apply for pension top ups.
Contact and Call support online

Contact us

Access help and get in touch with our customer support teams.
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Easily access and view documents

You can now access and view key documentation for you and your client.
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Looking to quote and apply?

You’ll need to log in to Savings and Retirement Quote and Apply. Very soon
we will be integrating our quote and apply technology into the Savings and
Retirement Portal to deliver a seamless quote, apply and servicing journey.

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Help and support

For more information or for help accessing our Savings and Retirement Portal, please speak to your LV= Account Manager.