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Uncertainty is a significant threat to retirement planning. It brings volatility which, in retirement, can significantly increase the chances of a client outliving their funds.

De-risk your clients' retirement journey with a blended solution that combines the Protected Retirement Plan TIP (PRP TIP) and our Smoothed Managed Fund range for more flexibility and growth potential than other lifetime annuity and drawdown packages. 

Our unique blended solution may be the perfect way to smooth your clients' retirement journey, that provides a guaranteed retirement income and the potential for investment growth to suit your clients' changing financial planning needs.

How the solution works

Our blended solution could benefit your clients by providing a guaranteed income and secure capital. Money that is reinvested into the LV= Smoothed Managed Funds can benefit from potential capital growth and will not be taxed within the Fund. It offers simple, low cost charges for capital investments. 

This unique solution comes with more flexibility to help your clients plan for the long term as they won't need to tie themselves down to a decision which isn't adaptable to their future financial needs. This unique solution allows you to tailor a bespoke recommendation for your client based on their individual circumstances. Please remember this is a stock market related investment. Clients’ investments may go down as well as up, and they could get back less than invested.

Protected Retirement Plan TIP (PRP TIP)

  • Set the level of guaranteed income for your client.
  • Set the duration from three to 25 years for your client.
  • Your client can stop the income leaving the self-invested personal pension at any time.
  • Conversion feature included to support your client's changing needs.
  • Options to pass on fund value to beneficiaries on death.

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Smoothed Managed Funds Pension

  • Choose from a range of smoothed funds which aim to reduce investment volatility.
  • Optional 10-year guarantee available on the Smoothed Managed Cautious fund.
  • 100.1% of the fund value available to beneficiaries on your client's death.

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