Guaranteed Income Drawdown:


The need for guarantees

Uncertainty is a significant threat to retirement planning. It brings volatility which in retirement can significantly increase the chances of a client outliving their funds.

We offer a bespoke and cost effective way to provide certainty and flexibility for your clients. This is achieved using the LV= Pension wrapper to provide a guaranteed income for a period of time that is most appropriate for your client.

Guaranteed income drawdown solutions

Providing capital and income guarantees, there are flexible solutions that don’t require an income lock-in for life, or high guarantee charges. You can create a guaranteed income drawdown solution for your clients by combining the following solutions:
  • Protected Retirement Plan - provides guaranteed income tailored to the needs of your client. 
  • LV= Pension (Flexible Transitions Account) provides the full range of drawdown flexibility with access to over 200 additional funds through our Core Funds. Our low-cost charging structure means wrapper charges are 0.2% on investments up to £700,000 and nil on all amounts above this (a £195 p.a. minimum charge applies).
  • Smoothed Managed Funds Pension provides smoothed investment performance, ideally suited to retiring clients. You can also secure your client’s future capital with a 10-year capital guarantee on the Smoothed Managed Cautious fund.

Drawdown wrapper

Our drawdown wrapper, the Flexible Transitions Account, will benefit your clients with guaranteed income and capital. It offers simple, low cost charges for capital investments, and 200+ additional funds from leading investment managers.

Guaranteed income

Accessible through our Protected Retirement Plan (TIP)

  • Set the level of guaranteed income for your client.
  • Set the duration up to 25 years for your client (minimum term applies).
  • Your client can stop the income at any time.
  • Your client can end the plan at any time - the amount returned may be less than the quoted Guaranteed Maturity Value or the original investment.
  • Options to pass on fund value to beneficiaries on death.
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Guaranteed capital

Accessible through our Smoothed Managed Funds Pension 

  • Choice from a range of funds which provide smoothed protection to reduce investment volatility.
  • Optional 10-year guarantee available on the Smoothed Managed Cautious fund.
  • 100.1% of initial investment available to beneficiaries on your client’s death.

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Retirement Pathfinder Tool

Easily compose, model and personalise retirement options for your clients. With our Pathfinder tool, you can explore the best solution for your client’s circumstances. 

With visual scenarios to help clients understand your proposition, you can gain an impartial snapshot of your client’s retirement future. Once you’ve input some basic details, you’ll get a PDF report that you can share with your client.

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