With Profits:


With-profits funds

All our with-profits business is held within Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited (LVFS). When your client invests with us, it’s combined with other investor's money into our with-profits fund. First and foremost, we want to give your client a fair return on their investment. As we offer many different ways of investing, we have different groups of with-profits policyholders – with different plans started at different times, and with different terms.

We use smoothing on our funds to help deliver a calmer investment journey which may be well suited to your risk-sensitive clients that are uncomfortable with traditional ups and downs of the stock market (and other investments).

Many of our legacy investments and our LV= ISA, Smoothed Managed Funds Bond Series 1, Smoothed Managed Funds Pension Series 1 and Smoothed Managed Funds Trustee Investment Plan Series 1 (LV= TIP) invest in the with-profits fund. This includes the LV= Flexible Guarantee Fund (all series) and the Flexible Guarantee Bond (all series).


Smoothed Managed Funds Bond Series 1

Legacy investments

Smoothed Managed Funds Pension Series 1


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Giving back to our members with a mutual bonus

When your client invests with us, they become a member of LV=. Our aim is for eligible members to share in the success of our business – we do this through the mutual bonus.

More information on the mutual bonus


Financial strength and stability

We’ve been rated B for Overall Financial Strength (strong)*, so you can be confident in recommending us to your clients. 

  • We’ve been providing financial stability to our customers since 1843.
  • We're a leading UK life and pensions mutual insurer, serving over one million members and customers.
  • As at December 2022, we had a £391m Solvency II capital surplus and a 174% Capital Coverage Ratio (2022 Annual Report).

*AKG Actuaries and Consultants Ltd, Financial Strength Assessment, November 2023.

Download the full AKG report.

Fund factsheets

Our factsheets provide information on the performance of each fund option across our Smoothed Managed Fund range.


Smoothed Managed Funds Bond Series 1

Smoothed Managed Funds Pension Series 1


Investment reports

Our latest annual investment reports provide a review of performance in 2022, a breakdown of how the funds were invested and an update on our responsible investing strategy.

LV= ISA and LV= Bond valuation tool

Check the current value of your client’s investment with our online tool. You’ll get the answer in just a few clicks.

LV= Smoothed Pension valuations

Check the valuation of your client’s LV= Smoothed Pension (or existing FGF) through our online tool – accessible day or night.

LV= TIP valuation tool

Check the valuation of your client's LV= TIP through our online tool.