Drawdown Pension:


Retirement income planning

Income drawdown is key to retirement planning – giving flexible investment and income solutions to your clients who are in or approaching retirement.

Accessible through the LV= Pension wrapper, we match a range of drawdown options with our wealth of experience

Key Features

Income drawdown offers many features, including:

  • Drawdown options – Flexi-access Drawdown and Capped (transfers in).
  • Online support – check valuations in just a few clicks.

Important information

There are some important things you should know about our Drawdown Pension:

  • Your client’s investments may go down as well as up, and they could get back less than invested.
  • If the government changes the way the plan is taxed, it may affect how much your client gets back.

Drawdown options

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Flexi-Access Drawdown

This offers your clients income flexibility and tax planning opportunities.

Variable income can be taken each year with no upper or lower limits. There’s no requirement to take any income at all, if only tax-free cash is required at outset. Tax-free cash can be taken on a monthly basis, providing full flexibility.

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Phased Drawdown

This offers greater income flexibility, effective tax planning by only crystallising funds as required and minimising exposure to tax on death.

We can provide Phased Drawdown quotations to help with your planning and recommendations.

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Blended Solutions

The retirement landscape has changed. Despite economic uncertainty, your clients now have more choice and control over their retirement income.

Recommend a bespoke solution by blending our retirement income products into one simple account. This gives the best level of security and flexibility – meeting your clients’ needs now, and for years to come.

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LV= Doctor Services

For many of your clients, their health becomes more important as they near retirement. That’s why we offer LV= Doctor Services. It means your client and their spouse/partner can access confidential, expert medical advice, whenever they need to.

There are six services available:

  • GP access 24/7 – unlimited consultations with a UK doctor by phone or video.
  • Prescription services – without the need to visit a GP.
  • Second opinion – check a diagnosis and get treatment advice.
  • Remote physiotherapy – free remote sessions, with a bespoke plan.
  • Psychological services – free remote sessions, including counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
  • Health MOTs – 25% discount, with an overall health assessment that identifies health risks.

More on LV= Doctor Services

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Benefits, exclusively for members

When your client invests in our Drawdown Pension, they will become an LV= member. Being a member means they can get access to exclusive member benefits and additional support services.

More on member benefits

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