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Investment Pathways options

Investment Pathways is an initiative from the Financial Conduct Authority that aims to support customers entering drawdown who haven't received a personal recommendation on how to invest their funds at the point of decumulation.

Our Investment Pathways funds support customers with their investment choices as they approach retirement. The funds also aim to help customers who may want to start taking tax-free cash and income from their LV= pension.

Although the funds have been designed for customers who have not received advice, we believe they can also be used as part of your advice process.

These funds have been designed to meet the Financial Conduct Authority’s requirements in their Policy Statement PS19/21. Each fund has undergone an in-depth selection process. 

Our approach to Investment Pathways

Our investment pathways make use of funds managed by Legal & General, and Vanguard. Download the document for more information on our approach to Investment Pathways. 

Pathways Options

The four funds are competitively priced, with Investment Management Charges starting from just 0.12%.

They’re all part of the LV= Core proposition with a pension wrapper charge of 0.20%.
Fund nameClient Investment Pathway statementRisk ratingInvestment Management Charge
LV= Pension Savings Pathway Option 1"I have no plans to touch my money in the next 5 years."40.25%
LV= Pension Savings Pathway Option 2"I plan to use my money to set up a guaranteed income (annuity) within the next 5 years."40.24%
LV= Pension Savings Pathway Option 3"I plan to start taking my money as a long-term income within the next 5 years."50.12%
LV= Pension Savings Pathway Option 4"I plan to take all my money within the next 5 years."30.16%
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