Life and Critical Illness:


Supporting your client and their family through life changing moments

Our Life and Critical Illness policy is part of the Flexible Protection Plan. It provides wide coverage for your client – with additional payment options for less severe conditions, and enhanced payments for some conditions. Your client is able to choose between our standard Critical Illness cover, or Critical Illness with Enhanced Children's cover which offers increased cover for children and pregnancy.

It pays a lump sum if the person insured dies or is diagnosed with a serious illness during the term of the policy. This provides financial, emotional and practical support when the unexpected happens. 

Standard cover main features include:

  • Covers 87 conditions – including 49 full payment and 38 additional payment conditions. 
  • Extensive cancer cover under our 38 additional payment conditions. 20 of these conditions are covered under 1 additional payment conditions.
  • For 17 conditions, your client could receive an enhanced payment of double their cover (up to a maximum of £200,000 on top of their cover amount).
  • Standard Children’s Critical Illness cover included at no extra cost – protection for your client’s children now, and if they have any in future, from birth to their 23rd birthday.
  • For your client’s children, we’ll pay £5,000 towards the cost of their child’s funeral, if the worst were to happen during the term of the policy.
  • To bridge the protection gap we’re offering your client’s children, within 6 months after their 23rd birthday, the option to take out their own policy without the need for medical underwriting – for cover up to a maximum of half the parents cover amount or £25,000 (standard Children’s Cover).
  • We’ll pay your client £1,000 under our ‘cost of cancer diagnosis payment’, in advance of fully assessing the claim. This is paid upon receiving evidence of the diagnosis and proposed treatment if it meets the criteria for any of the cancers covered by the policy. 
  • Cover is available for terms of between 5 to 50 years (maximum age at expiry of 80 years for level or decreasing cover, or 70 years for inflation-linked cover; minimum age at entry is 17). 

Product profile

Our Life and Critical Illness policy pay out a lump sum if your client (or the person insured) dies or is diagnosed with a critical illness. A list of the illnesses covered, the target market, limits, suitability and costs can be found in the product profile:

Waiver of Premium product profile

Important information

If your client has dependants who would suffer financially if they died or were diagnosed with a specified critical illness, they’ll want the reassurance their loved ones have security. 

Here are some important things you should know about our Life and Critical Illness cover:
  • Your client is only covered for the conditions listed in the policy conditions.
  • To make a critical illness claim, the person insured must survive for at least 14 days after being diagnosed (this doesn't apply to claims for Children's Cover).
  • We will only pay a claim for one full payment condition for each child on this policy. If we have paid a claim for a full payment condition for that child, they are no longer covered under this policy.
  • The child’s funeral payment is only payable once per child, no matter how many policies they are covered under. We won’t make a payment if the cause of death was stillbirth (this applies to standard Children’s Cover only).
  • Receiving the payment of £1,000 to help cover the cost of cancer does not guarantee we’ll go on to pay a claim under one of the cancer conditions under the policy. It doesn’t cover any cancers listed as exclusions in your client’s policy schedule.
  • If your client stops paying their premiums, they won't get any money back and their cover could stop.
  • We won't pay a claim if your client dies as a result of intentionally taking their own life in the first 12 months of the policy.
  • If your client’s child has children’s cover under more than one policy with us, the most we’ll pay out across all the policies is a total of £50,000 (standard Children’s Cover) or £70,000 (Enhanced Children’s Cover).
  • The option for the child to take out a policy without medical underwriting must be used within 6 months of their 23rd birthday, and can’t be used if we’ve already paid a Children’s Cover claim for that child.
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Enhanced Children’s Cover

We’re offering further support to your client and their family with Enhanced Children’s Cover. It includes all the features of our standard Life and Critical Illness cover, plus cover for 10 child-specific conditions, increased child claim payments and a £5,000 payment for 6 pregnancy-related complications.

Life and Critical Illness cover options


Level cover

With level cover, the amount of cover is fixed at the start of the policy and won’t change. If your client chooses guaranteed premiums, the premium will also stay the same. With reviewable premiums, the premium may change. It may not keep up with inflation and will be worth less in the future.

Inflation-linked cover

With inflation-linked cover, the cover amount increases each year – in-line with inflation. The premium increases with inflation, multiplied by 1.5. With reviewable premiums, the premium may change. We use the Retail Price Index (RPI).

Decreasing cover

Decreasing cover is specifically designed to cover the reducing amount owed on a capital or interest repayment mortgage. Your client’s cover will go down each month. With reviewable premiums, the premium may change. 

Types of premium


Guaranteed premiums

If your client opts for guaranteed premiums, their premiums are fixed – they won’t change unless they choose inflation-linked cover.

Reviewable premiums

Your client’s premiums won’t change for the first 5 years. After this period, the premiums could be reviewed annually based on a number of pricing assumptions. Premiums are not guaranteed to stay the same – they could go up, down, or stay the same.
10% uplift with online applicationsProtect your clients sooner with our online quote and apply system – Fastway. It’s supported by intelligent online underwriting and is quick and easy to use. Plus, you’ll get a 10% uplift on top of your agreed commission levels.

Flexible Protection Plan

Life and Critical Illness cover is part of the Flexible Protection Plan - it can be applied for on its own or along with Life Protection and some other products. This could be cheaper for your client as we’ll offer a small discount when you have more than one cover in the plan.

Choosing us for Life and Critical Illness cover

We care about your client as much as you do - meeting their needs and being easy for us to work with makes us stand out.

Award winning claims performance.  We’re proud of our claims performance, approving 92% of critical illness claims and 99% of all life cover claims** in 2020. So you can recommend a provider that pays out when your client really needs it. **Our Life Insurance figures include claims paid for our Life Insurance, (including Terminal illness claims) and our whole of life products Our whole of life products are no longer available. 

Offering flexibility. Your client can increase their cover (within certain limits) without medical underwriting - so if they change jobs, have or adopt a child, have an increase in their mortgage or rental payments, or get married/enter a civil partnership, their cover can change too.

Overseas cover. Your client can spend an unlimited time overseas - we won’t cancel their cover because of this.

Pill bottle next to a phone displaying a stephoscope

LV= Doctor Services

We’re here for your clients when they need us most. So as an LV= member, your clients and their spouse/partner have access to 6 expert medical advice services – all accessible by app or phone, at any time:

  • Remote GP 24/7. Unlimited consultations with a UK doctor available by phone or video.
  • Prescription services. Get a private prescription without the need for your client to visit their local GP.
  • Second opinion. With face-to-face or video consultations, your client can check a diagnosis and get advice on treatment options with a UK medical specialist.
  • Remote physiotherapy. UK physiotherapists are on hand to offer a bespoke treatment plan via video consultations. Members get free sessions.
  • Remote psychological support. With free sessions, your client can benefit from mental health support - including counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - from a network of trained therapists. 
  • Discounted health MOTs. Your clients can get 25% off health assessments – identifying risks and areas for improvement. 

More on LV= Doctor Services


Member benefits

Your clients get even more with our Life and Critical Illness cover. When they take out a qualifying policy, they become an LV= member, meaning they’re entitled to exclusive benefits and support, at no extra cost:

  • Member Care Line. When your client needs peace of mind, the Member Care Line offers access to confidential legal advice, trained nurses and qualified counsellors.
  • Generous discounts. Your client will be entitled to discounts on general insurance products provided by LV= General Insurance Group, a subsidiary of Allianz Holdings plc – like car, home and pet insurance. 
  • Member Support Fund. If your client falls on hard times they can apply for additional financial support. 
  • Members right to vote. Your client will be invited to attend our AGM – so they can have a say in our annual general meetings.

More on member benefits

We paid 95%* of all protection claims

We understand anyone can be affected by a life-changing condition. Our clear and fair approach to paying claims gives your client peace of mind, when it matters most. 

We’re proud to have paid 95%* of all protection claims in 2020 - approving 92% of critical illness claims and 99% of all life cover claims**. A successful claim is as important to your client as it is to you - your clients get vital financial help when they need it most and you feel confident in the provider you recommended.

* Includes claims already in payment in 2020 for Income Protection and Personal Sick Pay.

**Our Life Insurance figures include claims paid for our Life Insurance, (including Terminal illness claims) and our whole of life products Our whole of life products are no longer available. 

View our full 2020 claims performance.

Dedicated support for you

Fastway - our quote and apply system – makes it easier to protect clients. It’s a fast and flexible application journey and gives you an immediate underwriting decision.

Plus 24/7 access to our pre-underwriting tool for an instant and indicative underwriting decision for illnesses and conditions and our Protection Progress Hub to easily track the status of your client applications.

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