Offering a key solution to your client's retirement plans

Our stocks and shares ISA offers the right balance of risk and reward. By delivering a smoother investment journey, the LV= ISA helps to reduce the impact of short term volatility on your client's investments.

Ideally suited to risk sensitive investors, there are many great reasons to invest with our ISA:

  • Choice of global multi-asset funds. Managed in partnership with BlackRock within our governance framework and oversight.
  • Smoothed returns. Our unique smoothing mechanism uses a transparent 26-week historic average of the daily fund price, to help reduce the day-to-day volatility of investments.
  • Capital preservation. Lock-in fund value with the optional 10-year capital guarantee. Your clients can add to their investments at outset, or when a previous guarantee expires. 10-year guarantee periods only available with Smoothed Managed Cautious fund. 
  • Risk-rated funds. Our funds are risk-rated by multiple agencies.
  • Simple on-boarding process. No signatures, automated ID checks. Benefit from a simple online quote and apply process.
  • Online valuations. Check your client's investment value in just a few clicks with our online valuation tool.
  • It's a with-profits investment. Your client's investments may go down as well as up, and they could get back less than invested.

Product profile

With details on risks, eligibility and costs, our product profile details key information on our ISA.

Important information

Helping your client invest their money is hugely rewarding, but as with any investment, there are some important things you need to know about our ISA:
  • This is a stocks and shares ISA.
  • Whilst there is no minimum or fixed term, our ISA is designed to provide steady growth for a period of at least five years and ideally longer.
  • If clients select the ISA Cautious Fund and wish to take out a guarantee, they will need to be aware of our associated terms and charges.
  • By investing in the LV= ISA, your client’s investment is 100% protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme with no upper limit.
  • Client's investments may go down as well as up, and they could get back less than invested.
  • Smoothing can be suspended at our discretion. This may be in exceptional conditions or if the underlying price was 80% or less of the averaged price. If smoothing was suspended the funds will be valued using the underlying price.
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Who is the LV= ISA for?

Our ISA is designed for the needs of every day clients. We believe it best suits the following types of client who:

  • Are 30 to 70 year olds with lump sums to invest.
  • Are likely to be nearing or in retirement with a decreasing capacity for loss.
  • Want to optimise their growth with minimal risk.
  • Have built substantial ISA portfolios over time.
  • Are looking for a low volatility experience.

Learn more about client suitability in our client profile guide

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Getting more for your clients

We want your clients to live confidently. That’s why we give our members more with their LV= ISA.

As an investor in our ISA, your client automatically becomes a member. This means they can get access to exclusive member benefits and additional support services.

  • Putting your client’s interest first. As a mutual, we’re owned by our members. We put the interests of your clients first, rather than those of external shareholders.
  • Member benefits. We offer benefits to certain with-profits members – your LV= ISA clients are eligible.

More on member benefits

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Giving back to our members with a mutual bonus

Our aim is for eligible members to share in the success of our business – we do this through the mutual bonus.

More information on the mutual bonus

LV= Smoothed Bond

Our LV= Smoothed Bond offers a unique mechanism designed to smooth the impact of market volatility on your onshore investment.

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Help minimise the impact of market shocks and increase the availability of our smoothed funds for pension investors. Your clients can access our unique funds via other providers’ SIPPs and SSASs.
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LV= Smoothed Pension

Grow your client's pension fund with a reliable investor experience with low volatility.
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On-platform solutions

Our Smoothed Managed Funds can be blended alongside a full fund universe and a wide range of model portfolios from Discretionary Investment Managers via our LV= Platform Services.
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