Our ISA can be accessed through a range of fund options. They are actively managed, risk-rated and multi-asset.

Our ISA is a with-profits investment. This means it's combined with other investors money into our with-profits fund and held within Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited (LVFS). 

Annual Management Charges

Annual management charges apply to your client's ISA – they’re taken as 1/12th of the annual charge by cancelling units.

There are no set up or exit charges.
Fund nameManagement charge (% p.a.)
ISA Extra Cautious Fund1.00%
ISA Cautious Fund1.00%
ISA Balanced Fund1.10%
ISA Growth Fund1.20%
ISA Growth Plus Fund1.20%

Guarantee charge – for funds starting on or after 12 June 2017

The guarantee charge is taken monthly as 1/12 of the annual charge by cancelling units.

If your client is thinking of investing in our ISA, or they already have an ISA and are thinking of purchasing a new guarantee as their current guarantee term is ending soon – the table shows the current charge for new guarantees.

Please remember that these charges can be changed at any time.
Fund nameGuarantee term (years)Guarantee charge (% p.a.)
ISA Cautious Fund101.00%

Key documents

Our ISA is managed in partnership with BlackRock within our governance framework and oversight.

Find further fund performance details in our key documents:
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