Our ISA can be accessed through a range of fund options. They are actively managed, risk-rated and multi-asset.

Our ISA is a non-profit investment. This means it doesn’t participate in profits made from wider business risks and opportunities.

Find the current ISA fund charges here.

Annual Management Charges

Annual management charges apply to your client's ISA – they’re taken as 1/12th of the annual charge by cancelling units.

There are no set up or exit charges.
Fund nameManagement charge (% p.a.)
ISA Extra Cautious Fund1.00%
ISA Cautious Fund1.00%
ISA Balanced Fund1.10%
ISA Growth Fund1.20%
ISA Impact Growth Fund1.20%

Guarantee charge – for funds starting on or after 12 June 2017

The guarantee charge is taken monthly as 1/12 of the annual charge by cancelling units.

If your client is thinking of investing in our ISA, or they already have an ISA and are thinking of purchasing a new guarantee as their current guarantee term is ending soon – the table shows the current charge for new guarantees.

Please remember that these charges can be changed at any time.
Fund nameGuarantee term (years)Guarantee charge (% p.a.)
ISA Cautious Fund101.00%

Key documents

Our ISA is managed by Colombia Threadneedle Investments within our governance framework and oversight.

Find further fund performance details in our key documents:
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