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Giving you a quick, indicative decision

Our Pre-Underwriting Tool is part of Fastway. It allows you to enter illnesses and conditions to get an instant, indicative decision.

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Benefits of our pre-underwriting tool

We’ve designed the tool to help you understand how the disclosures may affect the underwriting outcome and whether this will result in ordinary rate, a loading, where we've increased the amount the customer needs to pay, an exclusion, where we aren't able to pay a claim for a specific condition or as result of a specific illness, injury, or event or result in us being unable to offer cover. 

There are many benefits including:

  • 24/7 access – submit business online, whenever it suits you.

  • Instant decisions – we give indicative decisions instantly, for over 76% of clients.

  • Multiple conditions – use the interactive tool for multiple disclosures. For more complex cases, you’ll see the medical evidence needed with an indication of the final underwriting outcome.

  • Unique ID – each enquiry generates a unique record, saved in your Fastway dashboard. It helps with your compliance process, and reduces the room for error.

  • Used by experts – our underwriters use the tool during manual underwriting – so you’ll get the same advice and results as we do.

  • No nasty surprises – the tool mirrors the questions and outcomes from the full application. It helps manage your client’s expectations, and avoids wasted applications.

  • Comprehensive – our rules engine searches over 1,000 conditions, providing an indicative decision for over 90% of common enquiries.

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Pre Underwriting tool

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