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To help you make sure that our Savings and Retirement products meet the needs of your clients, we’ve outlined the relevant information in our product profiles. These set out our products’ distribution strategy, main features, limits, suitability, risks, options and costs.

Links to each of our product profiles are below, as well to our adviser guides which provide additional information about our products. 


Risk ratings

Our Smoothed Managed Funds have been risk-rated by multiple agencies. The independent ratings allow you to identify investment suitability by confidently matching the fund choice to your client's risk profile.

Product Oversight and Governance Policy

Assessing ‘fair value’ is an integral part of our Product Oversight and Governance Policy; it forms part of new product development and enhancements, as well as the on-going product management and review processes.

Due diligence

This document covers information about LV=, our regulation and governance, sales and administration and Annual Report.

Price and value

All consumers should receive fair value. This means there should be a reasonable relationship between the price paid for a product or service and the overall benefit a consumer receives from it.

Columbia Threadneedle's value assessment report

Columbia Threadneedle Investments work in collaboration with LV= to manage our Smoothed Managed Funds (accessible through the LV= ISA, LV= TIP, LV= Smoothed Bond and LV= Smoothed Pension). This report covers their full UK fund range and seeks to provide an in-depth assessment of the value provided by each of the funds and share classes, according to seven criteria set by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Consumer understanding

It’s important that your clients understand our products and services so that they can make an informed decision in how they plan to meet their financial goals.

Investment Pathways options

Investment Pathways aims to support customers entering drawdown who haven't received a personal recommendation on how to invest their funds at the point of decumulation, although we believe they can also be used as part of your advice process.

Performance of our with-profits funds

Here you’ll find our investment reports, for the funds of our with-profit products to help your clients understand how their funds are performing.

Consumer support

We’re committed to supporting your clients’ needs throughout their relationship with us and to making sure they're supported as they pursue their financial objectives.

Helping you support your client

Supporting vulnerable customers – Ways to help you identify vulnerabilities and other client needs, plus ways you can better engage with your client.

Options and support for our members – This document provides a summary of options and support services available for existing LV= policyholders.

Data Protection – Information about how we use personal information.

Member benefits

Being a member entitles your client to a host of member benefits. They’ve been designed for moment in life when they might just need a little bit of extra support, or simply some comfort and reassurance.

Mutual bonus

As a mutual we’re run for the benefit of our members. Our aim is for eligible members to share in the success of our business – we do this through the LV= mutual bonus.  

Information to help your client on

Membership matters – What’s right for our members sits at the heart of everything we do.

Contacting us – If your customers need to get in touch, we’re here to help.

Marketing preferences – How our customers can let us know about their marketing preferences.

Accessibility – We aim to make sure hat we’re as accessible as possible.

Online security – What we do to keep our customers’ personal and financial details safe and some tips on staying safe online.

LV= Savings and Retirement Adviser Portal

Our Adviser Portal provides a single dashboard view of all your LV= clients and instant access to client information.
Contact Phone

Contacting the right person

Our dedicated numbers will put you in touch with the right team. Whether you need to speak to someone about our products and services, your client needs to make a change, claim or discuss their policy, we have a specialist team to help.

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