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Using claims to empower clients’ decisions
Our Wealth and Wellbeing research showed that nearly 1 in 5 without cover don’t have protection because they don’t trust insurers to pay their claim.
Loan Trusts
With more and more people’s estates subject to taxation, there is increasing demand for ways to reduce or eliminate the charge. One way to do this is by using a Loan Trust. 
Women's finances in retirement
Stepping into retirement feeling confident about living comfortably is an important financial goal for many.
How robust are the alternatives to Income Protection?
Earlier this year, we released our Reaching Resilience report, based on a survey of 4,000 UK adults. The survey found that over half of the working population would feel more financially resilient with Income Protection or Critical Illness Cover. 
LV= appoints Protection Proposition Director
Investment, protection, retirement and in-house advice specialist LV=, has appointed Gary Beyer as its new Protection Proposition Director.
How we can do more to champion Women in Protection
After attending the 2024 Women in Protection conference, it’s got me thinking about what the industry does well for women and where we can improve.
Paying death benefits to an estate
On the death of a member, pension schemes will sometimes pay death benefits to the deceased members estate.
Lump Sum Allowance and Lump Sum & Death Benefit Allowance
Since 6 April 2024, the lifetime allowance has been abolished and replaced by the ‘lump sum allowance’ and ‘lump sum & death benefit allowance’.
LV= completes its transition to BlackRock as primary asset manager
Investment, protection and retirement specialist LV= has completed its transition of asset management services to BlackRock.
Why equity release is resilient and housing wealth will play a growing, essential part of future retirement planning
For many people, 2023 was a year of negotiating the cost of higher interest rates and economic uncertainty, while feeling the impact of inflation on everyday living costs.
LV= protection claim payouts hit £135 million in 2023
Leading life and pensions mutual insurer LV= paid individual protection claims totalling £135m during 2023, up 6% since 2022. LV= supported more than 8,000 claimants and their families paying 94% of all individual protection claims including life, critical illness and income protection.  
Smoothing, simplified
This is normally the first sentence or two of the article to introduce it.