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A fresh approach to business protection

We’re committed to protecting and supporting UK businesses. Because without its people, a company’s survival is at risk. 
Our Business Protection comes with a range of options. They’re flexible and help you offer the best solution to your client.
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Key Person Cover

This offers a safety net if a key person in the company dies or is diagnosed with a serious illness (with Critical Illness Cover).

It gives the business breathing space by paying the claim directly to the company or partners. This can help the business trade as normally as possible.
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Relevant Life Cover

This allows companies to offer a death in services benefit to employees – including salaried directors. 

Set up by the company, and placed into trust, it pays out a tax-free lump sum on death, or diagnosis of a terminal illness, of the person insured.
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Share & Partnership Protection

Business owners can keep control of their company if one of them dies or is diagnosed with a critical illness. 

Recommend cover based on your clients’ business set up.
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Executive Income Protection

This is designed for small businesses to cover the cost of providing sick pay benefits to a key employee – including salaried directors.

Set up by the business, it pays out a monthly benefit to the employer who then passes it to the employee via PAYE, with optional cover for employer’s pension scheme contributions and employer’s National Insurance contributions if required.

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Guide to Business Protection

If you’re new to business protection, our guide contains all the information you’ll need. 

From product profiles, target market, suitability, risks and main features – you’ll find the details you’ll need to be aware of.
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Business protection in trust

Ensure the right people receive the claim, at the right time. 

Learn more about setting up a business protection trust and which tools will help you.
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Tax treatment

Matching the right cover to your client’s circumstances is priority. Whether or not tax relief is given on the premiums should not be a priority when putting cover in place.

The tax treatment will vary for each cover option.
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Tools and support

Work out cover amounts, understand risks to the business and how to evenly split premiums – our tools and support are available 24/7.
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