Equity Release tools and calculators:


Equity Release Calculators

We understand the importance of giving you access to the right support, so you can identify the most cost effective solutions for your Equity Release clients.

The lifetime mortgage calculators will help you assess:

  • Exactly what borrowing is available to your clients.
  • What the interest rate would be.

The calculators show you the impact that a slightly higher or lower loan amount may have on the interest rate. We know these details are important to your clients and will help with your suitability conversations.

We’ve created one for each of our lifetime mortgage products and they will provide you with the full lending options available, including the maximum available loan for each product variant. This might be particularly helpful when you are considering our Drawdown+ product or Drawdown Lifestyle product, as it will show your clients the cost associated with the different levels of drawdown facility we can offer.

Lifetime Mortgage Lump Sum Lifestyle

Lifetime Mortgage Lump Sum Lifestyle Cashback

Lifetime Mortgage Drawdown Lifestyle


Lifetime Mortgage Drawdown Lifestyle Cashback