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A mutual bonus for your eligible clients

As a mutual we’re run for the benefit of your clients, our members. We’re committed to serving our members and creating long-term value for them. Our aim is for eligible members to share in the success of our business – we’ve been doing this since 2011 through the LV= mutual bonus.  

The mutual bonus is our way of rewarding eligible with-profits members for their support of the development and growth of our business. 

It’s important to us that you and your clients are aware how we declare a mutual bonus, why it might go up, down or stay the same each year and what factors will impact the rate. 

If a mutual bonus is awarded, the value of an eligible policy will increase by a percentage agreed by our Board and dependant on a number of factors. 


Our Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM)

Our 2023 mutual bonus declaration

We’re pleased to announce that the LV= Board has declared a mutual bonus of £20m for 2023. 

This means that since 2011, we’ve given a total of £309m back to our eligible members.

Mutual bonus declared*Uplift payouts for eligible LV= with-profits policies**
- LV= conventional with-profits policies
- With-profits annuities
- LV= accumulating and unitised with-profits policies (except Flexible Guarantee, LV= ISA and Smoothed Managed Funds products)

- Flexible Guarantee Bonds Series 1 and 2
- Flexi Guarantee Plan
- Flexible Guarantee Funds Series 1

- Flexible Guarantee Bonds Series 3
- Flexible Guarantee Funds Series 2
- Smoothed Managed Funds products***
- LV= ISA***
*The monetary figure shown in the above table is rounded.
** During 2023 we changed the approach for sharing in the company’s past and current profits between policyholders. This is done by setting ratios of the mutual bonus for different groups of policyholders to give very similar outcomes to before. Therefore, depending on the product, the mutual bonus rate for our older policies will be set at three or six times that for the policies which are open, or were recently open, to new business. 
*** Smoothed Managed Funds products and LV= ISA policies must be live for a whole 12 months before any mutual bonuses will be added to the policy value. This means that only these policies that have been in force since 31 March 2023 will receive the 2023 mutual bonus.

Our past mutual bonus declarations

Frequently asked questions

If you or your client have a question about our mutual bonus we've answered the most common questions here. Your Business Development Manager can help if you need more information.

Is my client eligible to receive a mutual bonus?

When will the mutual bonus be added to eligible policies?

Once a mutual bonus is declared, can it be taken away?

Book School Documents

Principles and Practices of Financial Management

Our Principles and Practices of Financial Management document details our approach to the financial management of our with-profits investments. It ensures your clients are treated fairly.

See how we manage the with-profits fund, including what it is, how it works and how bonuses are decided, here: