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Legal Advice Line

We’re here for your client – and not just with products that offer financial security. With our Legal Advice Line, your client and their family can speak to a team of legal advisers – at no additional cost.

Your client might find the legal world daunting and confusing. It can also be expensive to get thorough and comprehensive advice. The Legal Advice Line can provide:

  • Free and confidential legal advice.
  • Support ranging from resolving a property dispute, understanding penalty notices and handling identity fraud.
  • Peace of mind, whenever it’s needed.

Please note the Legal Advice Line is available to your clients with a protection product only, and their family members.

Family eligibility

We know family is important. That’s why your client's family can get the same help and support, when they need it most.

An eligible family member means any of the following: 

  • A member’s spouse or civil partner.

  • The natural or adopted children, grandchildren or great grandchildren (between the ages of 16 and 23) of a member, or of a member’s spouse or civil partner or other person within point 2.  

  • The natural or adoptive parents or grandparents.

  • Any other person with whom a member lives with, as a partner in an enduring family relationship. 

Key benefits, for your client

Accessing services at no extra cost can be of huge benefit to your client. They’ll not only save money, but having a legal adviser at the end of the phone can provide comfort and reassurance.

The legal team can advise your client on a range of legal matters, and are also:

  • Available for free, at a time that’s convenient to your client. An initial call to our legal helpline will provide information and assurance to your clients. This may avoid the need for expensive formal legal advice.
  • Able to help with UK legal issues, offering practical advice on general law, property-related issues, wills and probate.
  • Able to offer legal advice in relation to a wide range of personal legal matters such as those relating to employment, consumer contracts, property issues, motoring, landlord and tenant, family and wills and probate.

Key benefits, for you

Free legal advice has may benefits for your client, but what does that mean for you?

Here’s how the Legal Advice Line can benefit you:

  • We're here for your client when they need it. So, you can be confident that you’re recommending a quality proposition for your client.
  • When your client’s premium starts with another provider, they won’t always see an immediate benefit. With us, your client gets tangible benefits – straightaway. This gives you another avenue to show the value in your recommendations.

Legal Advice Line, a case study

Legal Advice Line, a case study

The advice service, via the Legal Advice Line, is confidential. A call can be arranged at the most suitable and convenient time. This is an example to show one of the ways the Legal Advice Line can help your client.

Our member had lived in a cul-de-sac for over 30 years. A developer bought a barren plot of land at the end of their garden, intending to build four houses on it. Our member was worried about the impact this would have on their privacy and parking in the area. They were able to phone the Legal Advice Line to discuss their concerns and to find out what steps they should take to object to the plan.

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Legal Advice Line

0800 876 6166

Select option 1 for legal support (provided by Lyons Davidson).

UK-based legal advice is available 24 hours a day, 365. days a year.