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At LV= continuous improvement is embedded in our culture to deliver good customer outcomes. Therefore, we welcome the new Consumer Duty principles which align to our mutual values and our ethos of putting the consumer at the heart of what we do. 

The Consumer Duty requirements set higher and clearer standards to improve consumer protection by ensuring that organisations provide products and services that are fit for purpose and offer customers fair value. 

It also aims to facilitate an environment for effective competition in the interests of consumers, through innovation that meets consumer need. 

These objectives are underpinned by the four consumer outcomes, which cover all areas of the firm-consumer relationship: 

  • Products and services – should be fit for purpose; designed to meet the needs, characteristics and objectives of a target group of customers, and distributed appropriately.
  • Price and value – there should be a reasonable relationship between the price paid for a product or service and the overall benefit a consumer receives from it.
  • Consumer understanding – communications equip consumers to make effective, timely and properly informed decisions about financial products and services.
  • Consumer support – customer service meets the needs of consumers, enabling them to realise the benefits of products and services and act in their interests without undue hindrance.

We’re committed to supporting you to deliver conversations about all our products and services to a high standard. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to see a range of resources to help you with Consumer Duty requirements.


To help you support your clients in making effective decisions, we have provided a range of tools, documents and resources, which cover our Personal and Business Protection products.

Savings and Retirement

Our range of documents and resources cover our Savings & Retirement products – including pensions and Smoothed Managed Funds. These tools include our product profiles, as well as additional materials such as our Product Governance Policy, to help you with each Consumer Duty outcome.

Equity Release

Find useful tools and resources that will help you with the Consumer Duty requirements for our Lifetime Mortgage products.