Income Protection:


Making the most of Income Protection

Income Protection is an everyday essential which works when your client can’t. It protects your client's income with an ongoing, regular benefit – right until they’re able to get back to work.

If you asked your client to name their biggest asset, what would they say? Their house? What about their salary? If your client has a mortgage, their house is likely to be their biggest liability.

What's the real risk?

Being off work for two months or more, due to accident of illness, is the biggest financial risk to your client. And without the right protection, the impact can be devastating. They could be left without enough money to get by, or maintain the home and lifestyle your client has worked so hard for.

Income Protection gives your client the breathing space to focus on getting better. Help your clients understand the importance of protecting their income with the Risk Reality Calculator.
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"I don’t need Income Protection."

It can be tricky for your clients’ to understand the real importance of protecting their income. We’ve pooled together the tried and tested techniques that can help you.
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"Income Protection is too expensive."

It's surprising how little Income Protection can cost. There are a number of ways you can look to reduce the cost, whilst still providing valuable cover for your client. Here are ways to bring the cost down.

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"I'll get by without Income Protection."

Many of your clients think they can get by without Income Protection. Should they find themselves off work from illness or injury, the reality will hit home. See how to handle objections from your clients.
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