Life and Critical Illness:


Options for different needs and budgets

We know that each client you encounter has their own unique requirements when it comes to protection. That’s why we offer a range of Critical Illness options to help you reach clients with different needs, budgets and lifestyles.

Our Life and Critical Illness policy is a more affordable option that still provides your clients with great cover.

It includes:

  • Essential protection for your client – In 2023, 73% of all claims made under our Critical Illness cover were for cancer, heart conditions and stroke. LV= Life and Critical Illness covers the conditions your client are more likely to claim on.
  • Enhanced accident benefit – We’ll pay 50% on top of your client’s cover (up to £200,000 on top of their cover) for 9 conditions where it is the direct result of an accident.
  • Optional children’s cover – Unlike our Life and Enhanced Critical Illness cover, children are not automatically covered. Your client has the flexibility to add Enhanced Children’s Cover for an added cost if this cover is right for their circumstances. 

Life and Enhanced Critical Illness cover is our more comprehensive option to provide added peace of mind. It covers a wider range of conditions and scenarios.

It includes:

  • Enhanced payment definitions – we’ll pay twice your client’s cover (up to £200,000 on top of their cover) for 17 conditions across 3 different scenarios:
    • 10 conditions are covered if it occurs as the direct result of an accident
    • 4 neurological conditions if they are diagnosed under 55
    • 3 conditions relating to major organs
  • Standard Children’s Cover included at no added cost, with the option to take out Enhanced Children’s Cover
  • Wider coverage and support for cancer including more less advanced cancers covered and a £1,000 cost of cancer diagnosis payment

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Critical Illness cover that can change as your client's family grows

For parents, nothing matters more than the health and safety of their children. It’s hard to imagine a child becoming seriously ill, but sadly it does happen. Within our Life and Critical Illness products there are options to cover your client’s children.

With Life and Enhanced Critical Illness cover, Standard Children’s Cover comes at no added cost.

We offer Enhanced Children’s Cover as an option with both our Life and Critical Illness and Life and Enhanced Critical Illness products. Your client’s children are covered from birth to their 23rd birthday for 95 conditions, including 10 child specific illnesses and cover for pregnancy. Unlike many other providers we have no survival period requirement and will cover from moment they are born, and they don’t need to be in full time education.

Because Enhanced Children's cover comes at an additional cost, it's really important your clients remove it when it's no longer required (because cover for children ends once they reach 23). However, once removed it can’t be added to the same policy again.

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Part of our menu plan, to cover what’s most important

Our Life and Critical Illness policies are part of the Flexible Protection Plan, where we provide a range of protection solutions to cover what’s important to your client. Whether that’s protecting their income or cover for when the unexpected happens, like being diagnosed with a life-changing condition. You can build a plan that suits your client’s individual protection needs, providing the benefit of a menu discount.

Our Risk Reality Calculator can help to highlight the real risks your client faces. By inputting some basic details about your client, you can download a personalised report showing the likelihood of an income shock, illness or death.

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LV= Doctor Services

During times of uncertainty, we’re here for your clients. LV= Doctor Services gives your clients and their spouse/partner a Second Opinion service which can provide peace of mind and support on a diagnosis or treatment plan. 

  • It’s a benefit with no extra cost to your clients.
  • It may give a choice of treatment plans to consider.
  • Your clients and their spouse/partner can access Second Opinion at any time (for policies taken out from June 2017). We’ll also offer this service at claim for clients with an older policy.
  • This is a non-contractual benefit and can be removed at any time.

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Legal Advice Line

Access to a Legal Advice line for free and confidential legal advice on a range of legal situations.

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