With Profits:


Principles and Practices of Financial Management

Every company that offers with-profits investments has to document the principles and practices (the beliefs and behaviours) they use to manage these investments.

The PPFM is a technical document but customer friendly versions are available. These are called 'Your guide to how we manage our with-profits business' and links to the relevant versions are below.

Download our Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM).
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Flexible Guarantee Bonds and All-in-1 Investment  Bonds

The documents found on this page will be relevant to your clients who hold one of the following investments with us:

  • Flexible Guarantee Bond (all series).
  • Flexible Guarantee Funds (all series).
  • All-in-1 Investment Bond.
  • Flexi Guarantee Plan.
  • Guaranteed Capital Bond.

CFPPFM for All-In-1 Investment Bond and Flexible Guarantee Bonds

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Pension Income Plus Annuity

If your client has an investment linked annuity (also known as a Pension Income Plus Annuity), download the CFPPFM for the Pension Income Plus Annuity guide.
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Conventional with-profits & With Profits Pension Annuity

If your client took out a conventional with-profits policy with us before 1997 or they have a With-Profits Pension Annuity, download the CFPPFM for conventional with-profits guide.
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Other unitised with-profits

If your client has a unitised with-profits product like the With Profits Growth Bond, With Profits Investment Bond, Tax Free Savings Plan or MAX - you can download the CFPPFM for unitised with profits guide. It’s also for clients who have a With Profits Income Bond and other unitised with-profits products sold from 1997 to 2012.
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