De-risking for retirement with LV’s Smoothed Managed Funds

LV’s Smoothed Managed Funds aim to provide a smoother investing experience. In this short video we hear from IFA Paul Burns and LV’s Colin Watt on the funds’ appeal to clients, and why advisers should consider a Centralised De-risking Proposition.

De-risking for retirement with LV’s Smoothed Managed Funds

LV’s Smoothed Managed Funds aim to provide a smoother investing experience. In this short video we hear from IFA Paul Burns and LV’s Colin Watt on the funds’ appeal to clients, and why advisers should consider a Centralised De-risking Proposition.

LV= and BlackRock: A new era for LV's Smoothed Managed Funds​

Our new asset management partnership with BlackRock will help advisers access the latest tools, technology and expertise from one of the world's leading asset managers. LV= CIO Adam Ruddle and Head of Wealth EMEA Andrew Keegan discuss the transition and the benefits this brings to advisers and their clients.

LV= and Columbia Threadneedle Investments collaboration

Our Smoothed Managed Fund range is managed in collaboration with Columbia Threadneedle. Learn more about the collaboration and what this means for your clients.

Understanding our unique smoothing process

Discover LV='s unique smoothing process, and how it works to help provide you with a safety net when markets fall.

Outlook and opportunities in different markets

In the last year we have seen Bank of England base rates increase dramatically, with many advisers and clients turning to cash to cushion volatility in a turbulent environment.

But the perceived 'safety' of cash can be misleading. With persistent inflation, taking a more balanced approach to a client's allocation of cash and investments could prove beneficial over the long term.

How you can offer your clients a smoother, tax-efficient investing experience

As a result of changes to CGT and dividend allowance announced in the 2023 Spring Budget, many of your clients may be exposed to higher tax burdens, with limited tax-smart investment options.

In this webinar, we explore how the LV= Smoothed Bond is uniquely placed to offer your clients a low volatility, tax-efficient investing experience as well as the chance to diversify their portfolio.

Built to last: the performance and progression of LV’s Smoothed Managed Funds

Our Smoothed Managed Fund range has delivered low volatility and potential for steady, long-term growth for your clients since 2006. And now, we're entering a new era for LV= Smoothed Managed Funds through our exciting new partnership with BlackRock.

In this webinar we get under the bonnet of the SMF investor experience, explore fund performance in Q1 2023, and what's next as we look to the future of Smoothed Managed Funds. 

A balancing act: How to manage your clients’ risk composure in uncertain market conditions

In these tough market conditions, it’s no wonder your clients might be more risk averse than they were previously.

According to our latest Wealth and Wellbeing research, two-thirds of UK adults don’t feel comfortable with financial uncertainty. That’s up 9% in a year.

In this webinar, we take a deep dive into our latest research, uncovering the state of the nation when it comes to financial resilience, and explore solutions that work for clients across a broad spectrum of risk composure, including our unique approach to blending guaranteed income with low volatility growth.

Combatting volatility – how a blended solution could de-risk your clients’ retirement journeys

This webinar explored the financial markets and our fund positioning, gave an insight into our Smoothed Managed Funds and how they may support clients during periods of uncertainty, the importance of client composure, and introduced our latest blended solution which could de-risk your clients’ retirement journeys through a combination of secure income and smoothed investment. Recorded on and correct as at 28 Feb 2023.

Smoothed Managed Funds quarterly investment update - outlook and opportunities

This webinar features a quarterly investment update by our Chief Investment Officer, Adam Ruddle, who discusses how the LV= Smoothed Managed Funds have performed, and offers our view on current market conditions and our outlook for the coming months.

We are also joined by Senior Business Development Manager Jonathan Kidd, who explores how blending LV=’s Smoothed Managed Funds with other investment solutions can diversify and stabilise a client’s portfolio, offering a less volatile journey tailored to the investors’ composure. 

UK base rate cuts to be delayed following last week's Autumn Statement

Last week’s Autumn Statement was widely welcomed here in the UK as it partially relieved the upward trend in taxes. It followed the latest data which showed a lower fiscal deficit and a fall in UK inflation that was both big and bigger than expected. For UK financial advisers only.


Has the bond rally gone too far?

Falling inflation has triggered a bond rally in the UK, US, and Eurozone with expectations for rate cuts in 2024 increasing. The US economy has held up well, but the Sahm rule looks set to be breached and recession worries could increase. For UK financial advisers only.


Inflation has fallen - what next?

Inflation has fallen in all the major economies and central banks have been able to keep policy on hold. But core inflation remains well above 2% targets and there’s uncertainty around whether downward trends will continue. For UK financial advisers only.


Bank of England 'flying blind' as it faces Bank Rate dilemma

Last week saw a major rally in both equities and bonds. It gained impetus on Thursday when the Chair of the US Federal Reserve, Jay Powell,  surprised markets by giving a dovish assessment of the prospects for US interest rates in his press conference, welcoming the progress made on inflation. For UK financial advisers only.


Are we heading for a bear market in equities?

The S&P 500 index is officially in correction territory, interest rates have risen further than the market had hoped. But there are good reasons to remain confident that equities are not heading into bear market territory. For UK financial advisers only.


Will wage inflation prevent UK interest rate cuts?

Last week, Steven discussed the outlook for US interest rates and drew attention to the rapid decline in wage inflation there. It set the scene for big cuts in interest rates in 2024 in my view. This week, Steven looks at the UK where the situation is very different. For UK financial advisers only.