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Online Trusts Tool

Trusts make sure the money paid out in your client’s plan is handled in line with their wishes. Our Online Trusts tool helps with opting for the right form for your client’s needs.

Here’s what the tool supports:
  • Fixed and flexible trusts with survivorship clause.
  • Business trusts for Key Person Cover and Share and Partnership Protection.
  • Electronic signatures.
  • Split trusts and survivorship clause.
  • Discretionary trusts for Relevant Life Cover.

How to use our Online Trusts tool

Form document with ? sign
You’ll see some questions – as you answer them, results will be filtered, leaving the most appropriate trust form available.
Complete the details on the trust form – you’ll also be able to share the form with settlors, trustees and witnesses.
The settlors, trustees and witnesses will get an email – here they can sign the form electronically.
Form with right arrow indicating next action[Send/Transfer/Submit]
Once all signatures have been given, the form will be submitted to us. You and the settlor will get an email to confirm this.
Form with check list
We’ll check the details, apply it to the policy, and send a copy back to the client for their records.
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