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Lifetime Mortgage Drawdown Lifestyle key features

We know that as your client progresses through later life, their circumstances and needs may change. Our Lifetime Mortgage Drawdown Lifestyle has a range of flexible features to help clients live confidently in retirement. 

Clients who would be suitable

Our Drawdown Lifestyle product is designed for clients who:

  • Are 55 to 90 years old.
  • Need the option to borrow more later on, from a pre-agreed cash facility.
  • Need clarity about when the pre-agreed cash facility will/will not be paid, as outlined in the product's terms and conditions.
  • Own a property worth more than £100k which is in England, Wales or Scotland.
  • Require a lump sum of at least £10k with the flexibility of future withdrawals.
  • Want to know about any early repayment charges upfront.
  • Would like the option of protecting some of their equity for their beneficiaries.
  • Do not intend to repay the loan during their lifetime.
  • Would like the certainty of knowing upfront what the charges would be if they did.

Clients who wouldn’t be suitable

Our Drawdown Lifestyle product is not designed for clients who: 

  • Are under 55, or couples where one person is under 55.
  • Feel it is important to maximise the inheritance to their beneficiaries or leave their property as inheritance.
  • Need to maximise the release of equity upfront (where a lump sum product could be more suitable).
  • Do not need the flexibility of future withdrawal.
  • Have other means of accessing income or capital and may not need a lifetime mortgage.
  • Are currently receiving or eligible for means tested State Benefits.

For further information read our Equity Release Product Profile.

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Case study

Case study

Mary is a recently retired bookkeeper. She’s a widow and lives in North Wales in her detached house worth £250k, which is mortgage-free. With a former annual income of £25k, Mary is looking for a regular income boost to supplement her state pension.

Our Drawdown Lifestyle would suit Mary: She enjoys walking holidays with friends and has good money management, so would welcome a modest income top-up. She’d like to raise some extra cash without needing to move home, but wants the option in case her situation changes. 

LV= Doctor Services and Care Navigator are an added bonus for Mary, and although she doesn’t need them now it’s reassuring that they are available.

Standard lending criteria for clients

We’ll lend to an applicant who:

  • Is aged between 55 and 90.
  • Is a UK resident with a UK address history covering the last 36 months, and has a permanent right to reside in the UK.
  • Is able to prove their identity.
  • Has a property valued between £100k and £10m (properties valued £1.5m or over will require individual underwriting).
  • Is the sole or joint owner of the property if married/civil partnership/co-habiting couple. Standard joint occupancy requires both borrowers to be on the deeds of the property and the lifetime mortgage application.
  • Is low risk on our credit search report.

For more information, please refer to our Lending Policy Guide.

Book School Documents

Lifetime Mortgage client suitability guide

Help personalise your service and match your client’s needs to the most suitable LV= Lifetime Mortgage. Our suitability guide helps identify when equity release is the right solution, finding the most appropriate lifetime mortgage.
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Keeping clients in their home

Your clients can stay in their home - as long as it’s their legal right, and they meet the terms and conditions of their mortgage.

Your clients need to understand how the terms and conditions of their lifetime mortgage will affect them. They'll need to:

  • Keep adequate building insurance.
  • Keep up the maintenance of the home so it remains in the condition it was when the lifetime mortgage was taken out.
  • Obtain permission from us before they allow any other person to live in any part of their home.

Other people living in the property

If your client is living with their partner, civil partner, or spouse, they'll both need to be named on the property deeds and in their Lifetime Mortgage Drawdown Lifestyle application.

  • If there are friends or family living in the property, or children aged 17 or over they’ll need to sign an occupancy waiver releasing their rights to the property.
  • Those who are incapable of signing a waiver, for example due to disability, may have an occupancy waiver signed by a suitable power of attorney. The attorney must not be an applicant for the loan.
  • Individuals under 17 do not need to sign a waiver of occupancy.
  • If your client has any tenants or lodgers living with them, you'll need to contact us first before an application is submitted.

Moving home

Your client can move when their lifetime mortgage is up and running. The new home will need to meet our lending requirements at that time.

  • If the new property is less expensive, we may ask your client to pay back part of the outstanding mortgage.
  • If your client needs to pay back part of the outstanding mortgage, there won’t be an early repayment charge.
  • If your client chooses to pay back more, or repay the lifetime mortgage in full, we may charge an early repayment charge.
  • Please note the ability to transfer the lifetime mortgage is not guaranteed.
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Equity Release Council

We’re a member of the Equity Release Council – they aim to protect your clients through their code of conduct. We offer additional features and safeguards on our lifetime mortgage products.

More on the Equity Release Council

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