Lifetime Mortgage Lump Sum+:


Lending limits - Lifetime Mortgage Lump Sum+

We offer an initial minimum loan of £10,000. We’ll lend based on the age of the youngest applicant and the maximum percentage of the property’s value.

We lend on properties valued between £100,000 and £3,000,000. 
Age of youngest applicantMaximum % of property valueAge of youngest applicationMaximum % of property value
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Single or joint lifetime mortgage

  • Single lifetime mortgage – if your client lives alone, the loan will need to be repaid on their death, or if they move into long term care. 
  • Joint lifetime mortgage – if your client is living with their partner, civil partner, or spouse, they’ll both need to be named on the property deeds and in their lifetime mortgage application. The loan will need to be repaid when both have died, or have moved into long term care.
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Additional borrowing

It may be possible for your client to borrow more money at a later date – but we can’t guarantee it. If they apply for additional borrowing, we'll need to arrange a valuation.

If your client knows they’ll need to borrow more in the future, they may be better suited to one of our Drawdown products - Lifetime Mortgage Drawdown+ or Lifetime Mortgage Drawdown Lifestyle.


Our application fee is £595, for loans less than £50,000. We would normally deduct this from the loan on completion. Clients with loans over £50,000 are exempt from this fee.

We offer a free valuation on all initial applications. These valuations are honoured for six months. If the completion takes longer than this, a revaluation might be needed which will be charged at the rates applicable at the time. Our current valuation fees are shown in the table.

We have a Tariff of Charges for certain administrative costs which may be incurred during the term of our lifetime mortgages. Our Tariff of Charges document details these charges.

Property valueValuation fee
£100,000 - £150,000£170
£150,001 - £200,000£195
£200,001 - £250,000£202
£250,001 - £500,000£268
£500,001 - £700,000£410
£700,001 - £900,000£675
£900,001 - £1,100,000£950
£1,100,001 - £1,250,000£1,100
£1,250,001 - £1,500,000£1,250
£1,500,001 - £1,750,000£1,250
£1,750,001 - £2,000,000£1,250
£2,000,001 - £2,500,000£1,379
£2,500,001 - £3,000,000£1,634
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