Smoothed Pension:

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Smoothing – done differently

Our funds are uniquely equipped to support risk-sensitive clients. We offer a smoothing feature that reduces the day-to-day volatility of investing:

  • It works by averaging daily unit prices over the last 26 weeks.
  • It still means that the value of your client’s investment can go down as well as up - just less so each day.
  • It helps your clients by reducing the impact of daily price volatility on their pension investment.
  • In response to your feedback, our enhanced smoothing process starts averaging fund prices right from the beginning of your client's investment.

Learn more about smoothing here

Key documents

Here you can find the key documents related to our Smoothed Pension. You can also find additional documents in our document library.
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Fund options, risk-rated

Our Smoothed Pension comes with a choice of pension funds: Extra Cautious, Cautious, Balanced, Growth and Impact Growth. The funds are risk-rated by multiple agencies to help you assess client suitability.

Learn More about how global asset manager Columbia Threadneedle Investments manage the funds here.

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Added reassurance with an optional guarantee

Clients investing in the Smoothed Pension Cautious Fund can opt to buy a 10-year capital guarantee. Guarantees can be bought at outset, or on the expiry of a previous guarantee, subject to availability.

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