Flexible Guarantee Fund:


LV= Smoothed Managed Funds Pension S1 (LV= Smoothed Pension)

Our Smoothed Pension offers long term steady growth and helps manage the impact of volatility by averaging investment values over a rolling 26-week period.

Fund management charges

An annual management charge applies to your client's’ investments – it’s taken on a monthly basis as 1/12th of the annual charge by cancelling units.

Your client can access their money if they need to – we don’t charge initial fees or early encashment fees.  

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Guarantee charges – for funds starting on or after 12 June 2017

The guarantee charge is taken monthly as 1/12 of the annual charge by cancelling units.

If your client is thinking of investing in our ISA, or they already have an ISA and are thinking of purchasing a new guarantee as their current guarantee term is ending soon – the table shows the current charge for new guarantees.

Please remember that these charges can be changed at any time.
Fund nameGuarantee term (years)Guarantee charge (% p.a.)
Smoothed Managed Cautious Fund101.00%

Guarantee charges – for funds started before 11 June 2017

We offer a range of guarantee terms to help you tailor the guarantee to your client’s investment or retirement income strategy. See the guarantee charges for historic funds below.

Funds started between 01 July 2014 to 11 June 2017

If your clients’ fund started between 01 July 2014 and 11 June 2017, they can choose from the following fund guarantee options:
Guarantee Term (Years)/Fund8910
Cautious Series 2 Fund1.20%0.90%0.70%
Balanced Series 2 FundN/AN/A1.00%
Managed Growth FundN/AN/A1.70%
The guarantee charge is taken monthly as 1/12 of the annual charge. The guarantee terms we offer may change over time. However, we’ll always offer at least a 10 year guarantee term on each fund option.
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