LV= Smoothed Bond:

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Smoothed Managed Funds Bond Series 1 – key features

Our Smoothed Managed Bond is designed to deliver long-term capital growth, whilst reducing client risk. The Bond comes with in-built smoothing – it’s designed to avoid sharp rises and falls in investment value by averaging returns over a 26-week rolling period.

More on smoothing.

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Risk-rated fund options

There are a range of risk-rated options:

  • LV= Smoothed Managed Extra Cautious – designed to provide long term, steady growth with a very low level of risk.
  • LV= Smoothed Managed Cautious – designed to provide long term, steady growth with a low level of risk.
  • LV= Smoothed Managed Balanced – designed to provide long term, moderate growth, with a low to medium level of risk.
  • LV= Smoothed Managed Growth – designed to provide long term growth, with a medium level of risk.
  • LV= Smoothed Managed Impact Growth – designed to provide long term, steady and sustainable growth, with a medium level of risk.

Our funds have been independently risk-rated by multiple agencies.

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Key features – in one place

We’ve made it easier to get the information you need – from charges and limits, to withdrawals and benefits, our quick facts guide has it all in one place.
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Optional capital guarantee

Add further security to your client’s investment with an optional capital guarantee, for a fixed 10-year term. Here are some important things to note:

  • The guarantee is only available with the Smoothed Managed Cautious fund.
  • The Bond will be worth at least the amount it was when the guarantee was added – less any money paid out of the bond during the guarantee term.
  • If the Bond is worth more than the guaranteed amount at the end of the term – your client gets the extra too.
  • There is an additional charge for the guarantee.
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Giving your clients more

By taking out our Smoothed Bond, your client can opt to become a member. That entitles them to a range of great benefits, at no extra cost:

  • Free and unlimited access to our confidential Member Care Line.
  • Discounts on general insurance products provided by LV= General Insurance Group, a subsidiary company of Allianz Holdings plc.
  • Invite to vote in our AGM – once your client’s been a member for at least 12 months.
  • Request for financial assistance through our Member Support Fund – for your client or a family member.

Learn more about Member Benefits.
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Online valuations, made simple

Check the value of your client’s investment online, in just a few clicks.

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