Protection for Renters:


Supporting renters

1 in 5 people rent the property they live in. And for many, this is a long-term option. We understand that a renter’s situations can change suddenly and more regularly.

That’s why we’ve added a rental guaranteed increase option to Income Protection, Family Income Benefit, Life Protection and Life and Critical Illness Cover. It means your client can easily change their cover amount if their rental situation changes.

  • 4.5 million households are privately renting.
  • Only 7% of renters have some form of personal protection.
  • 50% of all children born in 2018 were born into rented accommodation.
  • 30% of renters would be more likely to purchase protection if they had professional financial advice.

Source: Hymans Robertson Protection Generation rent 2018. 

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Income protection for renters

Our Income Protection has tailored benefits for your clients, and their families, who are renters. If your client is unable to work because of illness or accident, we’ll pay them a monthly benefit. That could be used to make rental payments or day-to-day living expenses to help them stay in their home.

Learn more about Income Protection.

Hear more from Tom – he rents his property and discusses how Income Protection provides him and his family with security.

Adam is a financial adviser and is 38 years old. He's a non-smoker and plans to retire at age 60.

If he were to take out £1,200 worth of cover to support him with his rental payments should he be unable to work due to illness or injury, it would only cost him around £24 a month for full cover or around £9 a month for budget cover with a 12-month maximum payment period.*

*Based on level cover with guaranteed rates, waiver of premium and a 3-month waiting period. Prices correct as of June 2022.

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Family Income Benefit for renters

Family Income Benefit is specifically designed for your clients with dependents. It pays their annual amount of cover as a regular income if your client dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

It’s beneficial to your clients who rent by covering immediate financial concerns: paying rent and keeping your clients’ dependents in their home.

Read more on options, cost and cover details in our Family Income Benefit policy summary.

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Life Protection for renters

Life Protection and Life and Critical Illness Cover can offer security to your clients who rent. If they die or become seriously ill, they could suddenly leave their family in financial hardship – worrying whether they could pay their rent and preserve their current lifestyle.

Your clients can increase their Life Protection cover and Life and Critical Illness Cover if their rent increases – that could be an increased imposed by the landlord, or from moving into a new property.

  • Pays a lump sum on death during the term.
  • Terminal illness cover is included at no extra cost.
  • Optional waiver of premium.
  • Level, decreasing or inflation-linked cover options.

Read more on cost, risks, eligibility and features in our Life Protection product profile and Life and Critical Illness product profile.

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Tools to support you

Understand your client's risks and work out their cover amounts, in just a few clicks.
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Included as standard – Doctor Services

Your rental clients (and their spouse or partner provided they live at the same address) also gain access to LV= Doctor Services. This offers convenient, fast and flexible medical support for your busy clients. 

This includes six expert medical services:

  • Remote GP 24/7.
  • Prescription Services.
  • Mental Health Support.
  • Second Opinion.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Discounted health MOTs.

Learn more about LV= Doctor Services.

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Benefits, exclusively for members

Once your client agrees to become a member, they can get access to exclusive member benefits and additional support services. 

More about member benefits

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