Supplementary Terms

In respect of personal data to be transferred between You and Us in connection with the business transacted under the TOBA, each party shall be an independent data controller (as defined in the Data Protection laws).

In processing personal data each party shall comply with its obligations under the Data Protection Laws at its own expense.

Each party will provide the other party with reasonable co-operation and assistance in connection with any complaint or request made in relation to a Data Subject’s rights (including a request made in respect a Data Subject’s right of access and data portability, right to object, right to be provided with fair processing information and the data subject’s rights to rectification and erasure of their personal data.

Data Protection Laws means the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and all other applicable data protection, privacy and data security legislation and regulations, code of practice or guidance from the EU Commission and/or the Information Commissioner’s Office or other relevant authority responsible for data security and/or privacy.