LV= TIP fund information

Our Smoothed Managed Funds Trustee Investment Plan offers your client three fund options that invest in globally diversified, multi-asset investments.

The funds are managed in partnership with expert fund managers, Columbia Threadneedle Investments to deliver strong risk-adjusted investment returns for policyholders.

Find out more about Columbia Threadneedle Investments and the funds’ risk ratings.

Benchmark asset allocations

This table outlines the target benchmark asset allocations of the LV= TIP funds.

Actual benchmark positions will differ throughout the year within a range permitted by our Investment Management team.
TIP CautiousTIP BalancedTIP Growth
UK equities7.00%11.00%14.00%
European equities3.25%5.50%7.00%
US equities7.00%11.00%14.00%
Japan equities2.00%3.50%4.00%
Asia Pacific equities3.25%5.50%7.00%
Emerging markets equities3.25%5.50%7.00%
UK gilts14.00%10.00%6.50%
UK corporate bonds19.00%13.00%9.00%
Dynamic Real Return3.00%5.00%7.00%
High yield corporate bonds7.00%5.00%3.00%
US treasuries7.25%5.00%3.50%
Overseas corporate bonds19.00%13.00%9.00%
Total equities and property28.75%47.00%60.00%

LV= TIP charges

The Annual Management Charge is 1% of the funds’ value across our three fund options. The charge is taken monthly as 1/12th of the annual charge by cancelling units.

Discounts are applied to the Annual Management Charges based on the size of the fund.

If multiple LV= TIPs are held in respect of a single ‘designated’ member, the large fund discount will apply to all LV= TIPs on an aggregated basis.
Fund sizeFund size discount
Up to £99,999.990.00%
£100,000 to £249,999.990.05%
£250,000 to £499,999.990.10%
£500,000 and over0.15%
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