LV= TIP fund information

Smoothed Managed Funds Trustee Investment Plan offers your client a range of fund options that invest in globally diversified, multi-asset investments.
The funds are managed in partnership with expert fund managers, Columbia Threadneedle Investments to deliver strong risk-adjusted investment returns for policyholders.

Find out more about Columbia Threadneedle Investments and the funds’ risk ratings.

Benchmark asset allocations

This table outlines the benchmark asset allocations for the LV= TIP.

Actual allocations will differ within a range permitted by our investment mandates.

AssetsExtra CautiousCautiousBalancedGrowthImpact Growth
UK Gilts13.0%10.0%8.0%5.0%3.5%
US Treasuries13.0%10.0%8.0%5.0%3.5%
UK Corporate Bonds18.0%16.0%10.0%8.0%7.0%
DM Corporate Bonds18.0%16.0%10.0%8.0%7.0%
High Yield Bonds5.0%7.5%6.5%4.0%7.0%
UK Equities1.5%4.0%7.0%10.0%-
US Equities2.0%4.0%7.0%10.0%-
European Equities3.0%4.0%7.0%9.0%-
Japanese Equities2.5%3.0%5.0%3.5%-
APAC ex Japan Equities-4.0%6.0%7.5%10.0%
EM Equities-4.0%6.0%7.5%10.0%
UK Sustainable1.0%1.5%2.5%3.0%10.0%
Global Sustainable1.0%1.5%2.5%3.0%10.0%
Global Equity ESG fund----25.0%
Dynamic Real Return10.0%7.5%7.5%7.5%-
Total Equities and Property23.0%34.8%51.8%64.3%70.0%

LV= TIP charges

The Annual Management Charge is 1% of the funds’ value across our range of fund options. The charge is taken monthly as 1/12th of the annual charge by cancelling units.

Discounts are applied to the Annual Management Charges based on the size of the fund.

If multiple LV= TIPs are held in respect of a single ‘designated’ member, the large fund discount will apply to all LV= TIPs on an aggregated basis.
Fund sizeFund size discount
Up to £99,999.990.00%
£100,000 to £249,999.990.05%
£250,000 to £499,999.990.10%
£500,000 and over0.15%
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