Income Protection:


Income protection for medical professionals

People in medical professions aren't immune to the illnesses and accidents that could stop them from earning.

We've made it easier to recommend Income Protection to your clients who are doctors, dentists and surgeons – we don’t have exclusions for HIV or AIDS and we’ll base premiums on your client’s formal job title at the time of application. That means junior doctors will qualify for doctor’s rates.

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NHS sick pay guarantee – for doctors, dentists or surgeons

Unlike other sick pay guarantees in the market, your client doesn’t have to be employed directly by the NHS to be eligible. This means the sick pay guarantee also applies to dentists, doctors and surgeons where their employers have adopted the NHS sick pay arrangements.

Under our guarantees, as long as your client chooses a 12 month waiting period, we’ll pay out to fit alongside their sick pay arrangements.

This helps:

  • Reduce the premium by removing the need for complex split waiting periods.
  • Remove the risk of over and under insurance.
  • Ensure your clients get their money, when they need it.

NHS sick pay guarantee claims

The table shows when the claim will start paying out, dependant on length of service:

Length of NHS serviceLV= Sick Pay Guarantee 50% of monthly benefit after...LV= Sick Pay Guarantee 100% of monthly benefit after...
During the first year of service1 month3 months
Second year of service2 months4 months
Third year of service4 months8 months
During the fourth and fifth year of service5 months10 months
After completing five years of service6 months12 months
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£3,000 benefit guarantee

We want to protect your client from a genuine drop in income. That’s why we offer a £3,000 Benefit Guarantee. It's available to doctors and surgeons who are licensed and registered to practice in the UK with the General Medical Council.

  • As long as your client is working 32 hours a week, we’ll pay them at least £3,000 a month – no matter how much their income has dropped at time of claim.
  • If your client chooses cover of less than £3,000 a month, we’ll pay the level cover they chose – minus any income they’re still getting.
  • We won’t deduct anything if your client receives state benefits – but payments from this policy might affect eligibility and claim amount of some state benefits.
Learn more about the £3,000 benefit guarantee in our Policy Conditions.
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Sabbatical break cover

If your client chooses to take an extended break (for up to two years) to study or work abroad – we’ll keep their normal level of cover, own occupation and definition of sickness the same.

  • Your client must continue paying their premiums.
  • The sabbatical must be approved by their employer.
  • Their job is kept open for them.
  • Clients can benefit from this cover after 12 months from the policy starting.
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Working abroad

If your client is considering working abroad, we can offer flexibility.

  • We’ll maintain their cover and won’t cancel the policy - as long as there was no intention to permanently move overseas when they took out the policy.
  • Your client can claim whilst abroad if they have a registered UK bank account.
  • We’ll only restrict a claim if it comes from outside of Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or USA, where we’ll only pay a claim for a maximum of 26 weeks.
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