Self Invested Personal Pension:


Self Invested Personal Pension: at a glance

We want to make your job as easy as possible. So we’ve brought together the key information on our Self Invested Personal Pension in one place. That way you can make an informed recommendation to your client.

Self Invested Personal Pension options

An overview of our Self Invested Personal Pension options:
CriteriaSelf-Invested Personal PlanNotes
Minimum termNone
Minimum age to take benefits55
Maximum age for applications85
Maximum age for contributions75
Life basisSingle Life.
Investment options
  • Full access to the LV= Smoothed Managed fund range.
  • Active and passive insured pension funds.
  • Choice of selected Discretionary Fund Managers from our Selected partners.
  • Access to the Fixed Term Investment (Trustee Protected Retirement Plan).
  • Full range of Self Invested options including platform access to a choice of OEICs and Unit Trusts.
Choose from the LV= Investment Proposition and access to a wide range of leading investment managers
Fund spreadUp to 20 funds.
Fund management20 fund managers.The number of fund managers is subject to change.
Fund switch chargeNo charge.
Fund chargeDepends on the size of the fund and the investment choice made.
Adviser charging options
  • Initial.
  • Regular premium initial charge.
  • Ad hoc.
  • Monthly payments for ongoing fee where investment is in our Core fund range, quarterly payments for ongoing Self Invested and Selected Partner investment.
Online services
  • Daily fund prices.
  • Online self-service.

Self Invested Personal Pension amounts

An overview of our Self Invested Personal Pension amounts:
CriteriaSelf-Invested Personal PlanNotes
Minimum single contribution/transfer£30,000Amount after Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) is taken.
Minimum contributions£250 a month/£3000 a year.
Regular additional contributions£25 a month or £300 a year.
Minimum increase£25 a month or £300 a year.
Minimum additional transfers£1,000
Maximum personal contributions100% of UK earnings or £3,600 a year.Limits are fixed on tax year and are gross.
Total contributions over £60,000 will have an annual allowance charge.
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