Product Matchmaker

Product Matchmaker:


Product Matchmaker

Our Product Matchmaker tool is designed to help you discover more about the products and features that could be best suited to your client, helping you have a relevant and tailored conversation.

For UK financial adviser use only.

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What does the Product Matchmaker do?

It’s a simple tool that helps you tailor your protection conversations to the different needs of your clients. For each of the 10 client types covered it:

  • Highlights the need for protection
  • Offers questions to get your client thinking
  • Shows the risks your client faces
  • Identifies the products and features we think they’d be interested in
  • Provides claims statistics and examples to show that protection pays

Benefits of the tool:

The Product Matchmaker has a number of great benefits that will support your protection conversations.

  • The tool can help you understand more about the client you’re talking to and what’s important to them so you can recognise their needs. 
  • It’s a great way to help you educate your clients and provide a visual reference point, helping them understand the features and benefits of the products you’re recommending. 
  • It helps you have a value based conversation that isn’t just price driven. And it allows you to keep it focused, helping you get buy-in and commitment from your client. 
  • It provides a full overview of our menu plan and the emotional and practical support included to allow you to build a tailored protection solution. 

When you might find the tool useful:

We think you’ll find this tool beneficial to use as part of your sales process and it could be used in a number of ways. 

  • Researching and considering the needs of your client pre-appointment.
  • As part of your protection conversation to support the fact-find process. 
  • As part of your protection conversation to provide a visual guide for your client. 
  • Researching the solutions for your client post-appointment.
  • As part of your follow up to solidify your recommendation if you choose LV= for your client. 
  • To support your justification provided for compliance reasons.
  • Training and educating new or returning advisers. 

How to use the tool:

The Product Matchmaker is easy to use, just follow the steps below to get started.

  • Open the tool to launch the homepage.
  • Select to view an overview of our Flexible Protection Plan or select the client type you would like to learn more about.
  • When you select a client type you’ll have a number of options on the left. These will allow you to the view the need for protection, the risks your client faces, suitable products and features and relevant claims statistics and examples.
  • As you go through the tool there are options to help you navigate around the tool, find out more about products or get a personalised quote.

Launch the tool

Launch the tool and see how it can help you to build a tailored protection solution for your clients.
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