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Asset management update

We’re delighted to announce that we are in the final stage of transferring assets and BlackRock is now the primary asset management partner for the investment management of our Smoothed Managed Funds and legacy back book.

Since April 2023, our in-house team of experts and select specialist third-party advisers have been working alongside the outgoing and incoming asset managers to deliver a smooth transition of assets for LV= members. 

Katherine Carnegie

April 2023 - Why BlackRock?

In April 2023, we announced our decision to appoint BlackRock as our new primary asset management partner.

Read a statement from Katherine Carnegie, our Chief Commercial Officer, on why we selected BlackRock. 

Katherine Carnegie | Chief Commercial Officer, LV=

Read the full message from April 2023

Your questions answered

Here you can keep up to date, and find everything you need to know about our new primary asset management partnership and what it means for your clients.

What has changed?

Who is impacted by the changes?

Why did you change asset manager?

How often do you conduct a strategic review of your asset manager?

What factors did you consider when selecting BlackRock?

Was there any change to the investment strategy or risk profile of the funds?

What changes were made?

Why did you choose to change asset manager now?

Were any changes made to the smoothing mechanism applied to the Smoothed Managed Funds?

Were there any changes to the price of the funds?

Does this change affect your mutual bonus structure and eligibility?

Did you need the approval of your members to make this change?

How can LV= members have confidence that this change was in their best interests?

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