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New LV= wellness tracker finds more than 40% of UK adults are struggling financially
Twenty two million UK adults are financially struggling today, leaving the nation’s financial resilience at an even lower ebb than during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to data from investment, protection and retirement specialist LV=.
More people need to review their protection cover after life events to adequately protect their income
Research from investment, protection and retirement specialists LV= has explored attitudes to income protection to coincide with Income Protection Awareness Week (IPAW). 
A third of mortgage holders don’t think they will pay off their mortgage by age 65
Research from investment, protection and retirement specialist LV= reveals that growing numbers are expecting to be making mortgage repayments after the age of 65.
The Retirement Bucket approach, but smoother
One of the biggest worries for retirees is running out of money, or not being able to take income or use capital as and when needed. In the 12th edition of our quarterly Wealth & Wellbeing research we found that 44% of retirees wish they’d saved more into their pension.  However, saving enough money is only the first step. The next step is managing the drawdown of pension pots to meet the client’s individual needs.
23m say they are struggling with their finances
Research from investment, protection and retirement specialist LV= shows how millions of people continue to describe their financial situation as struggling.
Are investment choices meeting client objectives?
Recent research from NextWealth found that when asking advisers what is documented to evidence value to clients, 73% said the performance of the portfolio. Less than 50% said milestones against client goals and objectives. 
LV= commences launch of new investment 'Platform Services'
With the launch of its new ‘Platform Services’ option for Advisers LV= has completed the next stage of its plan to broaden access to its range of Smoothed Managed Fund (SMF) investments. This will provide access to a wider range of advisers and investors. 
Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited announces the Reset Rate on its £350,000,000 6.50 per cent
Following the procedure set out in the terms and conditions of the Notes, the Interest Rate has been reset based on the sum of the 5 Year Gilt Rate (as determined by the Principal Paying Agent on the date falling one (1) Business Day prior to the Reset Date), plus the Initial Margin (463bps) and plus the Step-Up Margin (100bps).
Don’t forget the benefit of bonds
Research from investment, protection and retirement specialist LV= highlights how investors are potentially missing out on the benefits of investment bonds.
Rising numbers think their finances will improve over next 12 months
Research from protection, investment and retirement specialist LV= highlights how the personal finances of millions of people continue to be affected by the high cost of living. 
LV= appoints chief financial officer
Protection, investment and retirement specialist Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited (LV=) has appointed Stephen Percival as chief financial officer, subject to regulatory approval.
LVFS announces results of its Tender Offer
Liverpool Victoria Financial Services Limited announces today the results of its invitation to holders of its outstanding £350,000,000 6.50 per cent.