LV= provides remote nurse screenings, medical exams and laboratory testing in partnership with Square Health

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LV= provides remote nurse screenings, medical exams and laboratory testing in partnership with Square Health


In a move to further enhance the underwriting process for advisers and their clients, LV= has chosen Square Health to undertake all new LV= Protection nurse screenings, medical exams and laboratory tests.

Square Health use an online appointment bookings system, with access to their extensive network of nurses and centres. This means they can offer applicants real choice and convenience, and arrange and conduct tests simply and swiftly. Medical screenings will be undertaken using state-of-the-art devices, and reports will be completed electronically for a quicker turnaround time. There is a dedicated team at Square Health to meet the new demand from LV=, as the insurer processes over 3,000 nurse screenings and 1,000 medical exams every year.

We’re delighted to combine forces with Square Health again, for the benefit of our policyholders and financial advisers. At LV=, we recognise that speed, accuracy and convenience are key to providing a smooth underwriting experience so that a swift decision can be reached.

We believe the Square Health offering is particularly strong with its investment in cutting edge technology and its extensive network of doctors and nurses. They can help us offer greater flexibility for LV= applicants, reduce frustrating drop-out rates and delays, and in turn enable advisers and clients to get the valuable protection cover they need in place more quickly

Chris McNab, Head of Protection at LV= said:

We are delighted to further develop our partnership with a progressive thinking provider such as LV=. For too long screenings and medical examinations have been seen as an inconvenience to the customer and we are determined to change this perception. This collaboration is just a start in a programme of developments in better enhancing the customer journey.

Dr Bippon Vinayak,CEO of Square Health, said:

LV= recently expanded its Doctor Services benefit to provide six expert medical services through the LV= Doctor Services smartphone app, or by telephone.

Also provided by Square Health, LV= policyholders can use the app on their mobile device to conveniently access remote GP appointments and online prescriptions, and a second opinion service. Recently added features include remote physiotherapy, psychological experts and support services, and 25% discounts on health MOTs.

LV= Doctor Services is available at no added cost and can be accessed from day one, without the need to make a claim under their LV= policy.

About Square Health:

Square Health was founded by the team behind the Doctors Chambers group of companies, and was set up to provide holistic medical, technological and claims-related solutions for corporates and individuals.

The business is the result of over 20 years of experience within the healthcare sector. Our founders are doctors who also have a deep understanding of the complex requirements of the insurance industry.

We have an established infrastructure with access to over 5,000 medical specialists across the UK, 250 staff spread between our Windsor and Newcastle offices and a software development team of over 30.

Expanding on the clinical heritage of the group, Square Health offers an extensive range of medical services, including but not limited to: medical screening, 2nd opinion services, health MOTs, appointment booking services, virtual and face-to-face GP consultations, specialist referrals, physiotherapy sessions, counselling and dietician appointments— all of which can be arranged in short timescales and are supported via bespoke cutting edge app technology and software solutions.