LV= launches campaign to reconnect people with lost policies

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LV= launches campaign to reconnect people with lost policies


To mark 175 years since it was established, LV= has today launched a campaign to reconnect with people who had its policies in the past that might have since been lost. LV= is encouraging people to speak to family members who may have had a policy and then get in touch with them to track down the relevant details. Those who have had a policy that was lost could be an LV= member and may be entitled to money back.

The campaign is focused on tracing old Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society whole of life, savings and endowment policies taken out between 1920s - 1960s. These are likely to have been sold by door-to-door agents as so-called ‘penny policies’ or bought directly in a branch. As no premiums have been collected on these policies for many years, LV= is likely to have lost touch with the member if they have subsequently moved house or died without the company being notified.

As a mutual, at LV= our values are of shared ownership, community and doing the right thing. In the year we mark our 175th birthday, we want to take this opportunity to do the right thing by reconnecting with lost members or their families and reuniting them with their lost policies.

If you think you or a loved one might have had an old policy, and you haven’t heard from us for a while, you could still be a member and could be owed some money. Have a look back through old documents, check with your family members if they could have been members, and if you find relevant information, then come and speak to us.

John Perks,Managing Director at LV=, said:

To track down an LV= policy, please visit or call 0800 756 8572.