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LV= extends doctor services to policyholders’ partners

  • Includes second opinion service and unlimited virtual GP consultations

LV= is extending Doctor Services to include the spouses and partners of protection policyholders.

LV= Doctor Services gives policyholders access to six expert medical services in one handy app or by simply calling Square Health. The six services will be available to policyholders’ spouses and partners and include: 

  • Remote GP – Policyholders and their spouse/partner can now get unlimited 24/7 consultations with a UK doctor.
  • Prescription Services - A private or repeat prescription service is available. Where the GP recommends a private prescription the private prescription is free and the private medicine needs to be paid for. For repeat prescriptions, the same applies unless an NHS England exemption is available
  • Second Medical Opinion – An expert specialist can review a diagnosis, help with any unanswered questions and go through the treatment options available.
  • Remote Physiotherapy - Remote access to up to five free sessions (shared between policyholder and spouse) with a UK trained physiotherapist and receive a bespoke treatment plan. 
  • Remote Psychological Services - Access to up to five sessions (shared between policyholder and spouse) of mental health support from a network of highly trained therapists.
  • Discounted health MOTs - Provides an assessment of overall health, identifying any health risks and areas of improvement.

Square Health provides expert medical services using the latest online technology. With one of the largest networks of over 5,000 UK medical professionals, including doctors and healthcare specialists, each Square Health practitioner is highly trained and experienced, as well as being registered with the GMC (General Medical Council). All Square Health professionals are based in the UK. 

LV= Doctor Services is a non-contractual benefit and can be changed or removed at any time. Information on eligibility is available at:

The changes are the latest in a series of improvements LV= has made to protection policies.

In April 2021, LV=  updated its underwriting approach for those living with chronic medical conditions  - such as severe respiratory conditions, heart and lung diseases, and cancer  - to enable it to consider more applicants for life insurance.

LV= also extended both its payment break and premium and cover reduction options until 31st December 2021. Initially launched to support LV= members facing financial difficulties, the payment break and premium and cover reduction supports policyholders unable to keep up with premiums due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is the latest in a series of improvements LV= has made for its protection policyholders. Protection is more than about just paying a claim; it’s about providing support to policyholders and their families when they need it most. 

“LV= Doctor Services was previously available only to policyholders with some of the services also available to their children. We’ve now extended this to a spouse/partner helping to offer more expert medical support to the whole family and when it’s needed most. 

“The spouse/partner can access all six services available via the app providing they meet the definition of what LV= considers to be a spouse/partner.”

Debbie KennedyDirector of Protection