We are deeply saddened by the situation in Ukraine and our heart-felt thoughts are with the Ukrainian people here and abroad.

The safety and wellbeing of people across the region is clearly the key concern.

The catastrophic circumstances taking place in Europe and the global impacts is another inevitable worry. In situations that we can’t directly influence it’s natural to seek solace in what we can control. We’ve created this space to provide information for you and your clients.

If needed you can also point your clients to our Health and Wellbeing Line which offers in-the-moment support from trained counsellors.

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Savings and Retirement

If ever there was an example of geopolitical risk it is the current situation in the Ukraine. The effects of this conflict will be felt directly in investment markets – even those with no exposure to Russia or Ukraine.

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Equity Release

Homes for Ukraine scheme - We welcome the UK Government's Homes for Ukraine scheme and are currently exploring ways that LV= Lifetime Mortgage customers can easily participate. We'll update this page as soon as we can with further details.

More information about the Homes for Ukraine scheme

Our response to the Russia-Ukraine crisis - 3rd March 2022

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We’re actively monitoring the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the implications for prospective and existing LV= protection policyholders. We’re keeping developments under review and working closely with our respective reinsurers.

Your questions answered

Can my client take out a new LV= protection policy if they live outside the UK or have plans to travel abroad?

What happens if my client is abroad and needs to make a claim on their existing LV= protection policy?

Do you operate a war exclusion under LV= protection policies?

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In all circumstances we’d recommend that your client reads their policy conditions to understand what they are covered and not covered for.

At LV= we’re proud of our human and pragmatic claims approach, ensuring that we always consider an individual customer’s circumstances.