Converting LV= Smoothed Managed Funds trustee Investment Plan to a with-profits investment

As we move towards building a secure and long term mutual future, we'll be enhancing the Smoothed Managed Funds range. 

With effect from Monday 12 December 2022, your client's LV= TIP will be converting to a unitised with-profits investment basis. For business being quoted and applied for now, and already placed into LV= TIP, investments will also be converted across to a unitised with-profit basis with effect from the same date. This change will make all LV= TIP policyholders eligible to benefit from future LV= mutual bonus declarations. Here you can find more information on our mutual bonus.

To give you notice of these changes and the opportunity to consider what is being proposed, we'll be issuing adviser letters from Friday 4 November 2022. We would ask that you contact your clients to inform them of these policy enhancements, and refer them to the information contained in the following link to our web site: As legal owners of the LV= TIP we'll also be writing to all Scheme Trustees/Administrators impacted by these changes, starting from Friday 11 November 2022. A copy of both the adviser and Scheme Trustee/Administrator letters is available below:

In the unlikely event that a policyholder doesn’t want their plan to convert to with-profits they, of course, always have the option of surrendering their plan and having the money paid into their registered pension plan bank account. It can then be reinvested in other asset types within their scheme.

Broadening our range of funds

As a reminder, your client also has access to two new risk rated funds – Smoothed Managed TIP Extra Cautious and Smoothed Managed TIP Impact Growth, covering a broader range of investor risk profiles. These are now available in addition to the existing range of fund options - Smoothed Managed TIP Cautious, Smoothed Managed TIP Balanced, and Smoothed Managed TIP Growth.

We’re here to help protect your client's funds and with the unique features of the LV= TIP, you can do just that. 

Product Profile

Your clients will benefit from our LV= Smoothed Pension at any stage of their lives. See further information on target markets, risks and eligibility in the product profile.

The main features of the LV= TIP

Your client’s investments may go down as well as up, and they could get back less than invested. Whilst there is no minimum or fixed term, our LV= TIP is designed to provide steady growth for a period of at least five years and ideally longer.

Your clients will benefit from our LV= TIP at any stage of their lives. See further information on target markets, risks and eligibility in the product profile.

*10-year guarantee period only available with Smoothed Managed TIP Cautious fund.

  • An in-built smoothing mechanism – uses fund price averaging to reduce the impact of market volatility on your client's investments.
  • An online valuation tool - the current value of your client’s investment is just a few clicks away.
  • Funds are independently risk-rated by multiple agencies to help you assess client suitability.
  • An investment option - managed to our mandate by Columbia Threadneedle Investments.
  • An optional capital guarantee* – lock-in fund value for a fixed 10-year term, helping reduce downside risk.                                                                                                                
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