Mortgage and Rent Cover:


Mortgage and Rent Cover: at a glance

Our Mortgage and Rent Cover helps keep the roof over your clients head. So if they’re unable to work due to illness or injury, we’ll pay a monthly benefit to help them pay their mortgage or rent. Find key information to help you make a thorough comparison:

Mortgage and Rent CoverWaiver of Premium
Type of payoutMonthly payment to help cover your clients share of the monthly mortgage or rental payment after the chosen waiting periodPays the plan monthly premiums after a waiting period
Types of coverLevel onlyN/A
TermMinimum 5 yearsAge 69 or the end of the plan term if earlier
Minimum age attained at entry1717
Maximum age attained at entry5959
Maximum age attained at the end of the policy term7069
Minimum premium£5 a monthBased on the total plan premium
Cover limits
  • Up to 100% of the monthly mortgage or rental payment or their share of the payment
  • Minimum amount of cover - £100
  • Maximum amount of cover - £2,000
Occupation definition
  1. Own occupation
  2. or Homemakers (not offered at outset, client must be working)
  1. Own occupation
  2. or Homemakers
Maximum claim periodWhichever of the following happens first:
  • 12 or 24 months claim period
  • your client gets better
  • the policy end date
  • your client dies
Whichever of the following happens first:
  • your client gets better
  • the policy end date
  • your client dies
Waiting period1, 2, 3 and 6 months. The 1 and 2-month option is not available for a small number of occupations – see our occupation guide for the full breakdownThis will match the waiting period selected for Mortgage and Rent Cover. Maximum waiting period of 6 months
Eligibility criteriaOn application your client must be:
  1. A permanent UK resident that has lived in the UK and has been registered with a UK GP for the last two years continuously
  2. Responsible for the payment of a monthly mortgage or rental amount on their main residence in the UK
  3. They had no other income protection policies, mortgage or rent payment protection policies in place
Your client must be a permanent UK resident
Guaranteed increase options (limits apply - please see the policy conditions for full details)
  • Rental increase as a result of moving into a new rental property or as a result of an increase imposed by the landlord
  • Taking out a new mortgage if currently living in a rental property
  • Mortgage increase as a result of moving house, remortgage or home improvements
Additional benefits
  • Mortgage and Rental Guarantee
  • Pay My Mortgage
  • Back to work support
  • LV= Doctor Services
  • Member benefits
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