Modelling your client’s retirement

Our Retirement Pathfinder is free and impartial. Create, view and analyse different blended retirement solutions for your clients. Its main features include:

  • Create tailored single product and blended retirement solutions.
  • Gain a snapshot of your client’s retirement future.
  • Offer a clear and simple visual scenario comparison for your client.
  • Get a professional client report to share and discuss later.
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Using Pathfinder

We’ve made retirement modelling simple. With Pathfinder, you can choose a foundation solution and adapt it to meet your client’s retirement needs.

Here’s how it works:

  • Input basic client details, then opt for a single or bespoke retirement solution.
  • Pathfinder will then work out the income your client can expect to receive, based on their financial situation.
  • Colour coded charts show how the income is achieved – combining assets and your client’s state pension.
  • Save the solutions and produce a PDF report to frame you client discussions.
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